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Montreal, QC – October 22, 2014 

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RIYL = Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Atlas Genius, Bad Suns, The Black Keys, Fallout Boy, The Gaslight Anthem, Grouplove

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Calgary Rockers THE GROUNDS Release New Single ‘Lilac’

Group1Edit 300

       What sets The Grounds apart from other young bands on the rise is their unique ability to achieve multipart harmonies that often include all four band members. Barely adults, this young Calgary based alternative rock band form their sound with a blend of influences that include grunge and classic rock, an ensemble of vocal harmonies as well as individual instrument parts intertwining to create a unique and memorable sound.

Only being around since 2011, the band has grown and developed quickly showing a level of maturity and professionalism that is rare at this stage of their career. With focus and determination, they won the Original Music Showcase 2014 in Calgary, placing first against 30 bands, most of whom were far more experienced.

Winning over local promoters, venues and fans has seen The Grounds open for touring bands like 40 Sons, Tommy Alto and Pigeon Park as well as local heavyweights, Open AIR. The Grounds have a solid future in front of them and it starts with their new single ‘Lilac’, which can be heard at the following links below.

“We felt Lilac was an excellent choice for our first official single. The feel of the song really isolates each individual member and plays to their strengths” – Mark Shackleton

Lilac Promo Video –


Song Stream Links

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Montreal, QC – October 22, 2014

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R.I.Y.L. – Arkona, Windir, Nightwish, Turisas, Skyforger

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Beer Loving Prog Folk Metal PROTOKULT Playing Metal Divas Fest In Toronto November 29; New Album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ + Music Video ‘Get Me A Beer!’

‘No Beer In Heaven’ Album Stream –

Youtube ‘No Beer In Heaven’ Album Stream –

Get Me A Beer! – Music Video –

Lyric Video – Get Me A Beer! –

     Beer drinking progressive folk metallers PROTOKULT are proud to announce they will be performing at this year’s first ever Metal Divas Fest in Toronto, ON at the Bovine Sex Club on November 29th that includes Marchenbilder, At Dawn’s Edge and Psycho Mad Sally. For tickets and info, please visit the following link here.

Protokult front woman Ekatertina Pyatkova comments:

“We are excited to take part in the launch of the first ever Metal Diva Fest in Toronto. It’s great to realize that today we have more and more women participating in metal, both in Canada and the rest of the world. For me the launch of this festival is not only a way to showcase current talented bands, but also a way to honour the legacy of women who have paved the path for us today. This is an amazing line-up, be sure to check it out! I know this festival will turn into a successful reoccurring event.”

The Eastern European transplants now residing in Toronto, ON released their sophomore album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ on August 8th with their single ‘Get Me A Beer!’ pleasing beer fans around the globe. This follow up to 2011’s ‘Marzena’ EP and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’ has a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal onslaught, the album captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of twelve entirely new compositions, and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. The band unites their diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for headbangers everywhere.

Upcoming dates:

November 29 - Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club w/ Metal Divas Fest w/ Marchenbilder, At Dawn’s Edge, Psychos Mad Sally

December 6 - St. Catharines, ON – Mikado Lounge w/ Skull Fist, Last Scattering, Manacle

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

For more info, please visit the following links:

Album Order –


- 30 -

“they’ve got a good sense of humor, and they sound top-notch” – Metal Sucks
“boozy blast of heathen prog” – Team Rock 
“Le metal a du talent.”  – Metal France
“If you’d like a taste of the brew Protokult has on tap, check out the eclectic, hoppy folk thrasher “Get Me a Beer”. Indeed this mix of traditional folk, thrash metal, death metal, and other genres will have you stomping your feet and drinking too fast.`- Yell Magazine
“The rousing opening track “Get Me A Beer” is alcohol-fueled folk metal with similarities to bands like Korpiklaani, but they have many other facets… It’s an extremely diverse album” – Heavy Metal.
“Ah this album was a pleasure to review. So many albums are a slog to get through, but I was sorry when No Beer In Heaven ended…All the band are excellent musicians and you can hear their joy at playing their music. Ekaterina Pvatlova brings another dimension to the band too; her vocals are nothing you’ve heard in metal before, and I love the touch she brings with the woodwind instruments…I love the track “Get Me A Beer” – it could be marketed as a cure for depression. Elsewhere, the contrast between folk and metal works very harmoniously: heavy and uplifting at the same time. Joyous stuff! The band also have a good sense of humour, and while they can be serious, this is an enjoyable life-affirming album to listen to, which is as it should be. Our lives are brief; we should try and enjoy our spell on this earth! I love the album artwork and presentation too. This is a band the world needs to hear more of. Highly recommended! – Hellbound
“a superb album. Protokult gives folk-metal a new nice dimension. Their progressive folk-metal approach is a very delicious one. Don’t let the ‘beer-titles’ fool you, the band goals are far beyond beer-humpaa. They’re far more serious, despite of the sometimes quite merry tunes. This is one of the best folk-metal albums I’ve heard this year” –
“Protokult is a colourful collective, made up of four guys and a lady…It is a versatile album…progressive twists and turns in the songs and surprising approaches.” – Lords of Metal
“The very second I started to listen to No Beer In Heaven and “Get Me A Beer” came on I was instantly hooked. Instantly Protokult kills it with a killer opening riff that is a combination of electric guitar and synthesizer. “Get Me A Beer” has one of the wildest mix of genres and styles that I have heard in quite some time.” – Kingston Music Reviews
“Let’s mark the list down, shall we: Awesome Folk music spanning different areas of sound and direction, check! Creative and art work based around an old fashioned beer hall, check! And last, but certainly not least, BEER themed music!!!!.” – Metal Temple
“Folk and metal comes together in a epic way with Protokult. The mix is perfect for the party and other festivity’s that needs a nice kick in the ass, like a metal heads funeral. Hooks, beer and the ever changing change ups makes this LP one for the books.” Tommy Tee – The Metal Factory on Insane Realm
“Although PROTOKULT is a Canadian-based group, the members come from various backgrounds (Polish, Irish, Russian, Czech) and the result is a marvellous mix of Canadian and international forces. The goal is to unite these cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for head-bangers everywhere.” – Demented Magazine
“Most bands go on the road to promote the CD and encourage fans to buy it but this album would actually encourage me to go and see the band. The music speaks and says that this band will be well worth watching live.” – Extreme Metal Television
“Anyone who has seen this band live knows that the beer maidens will be pouring potent potables into ever thirsty mouths at the front of the stage. Before this delightful feature comes to fruition, the fans come in close, sing along, and dance the metal jig during the pagan musical onslaught from the band. We are instantly transported to villages, and forests of another era.” – Metal Master Kingdom (Live Review)
“All in all No Beer In Heaven is an extra large package of dark folk metal here to drink and party with you. If you’re a folk fan, be sure to give them a listen. The album is a solid piece and an enjoyment to even non-folk fans. Oh, and they also love the ‘Water of Life’ (that is vodka if you didn’t know already).” – Two Guys Metal Reviews
“They belong amongst the ranks of bands like Moonsorrow and Skyforger…Almost every song twists and turns through several folk metal transformations, without ever tapping into cheesy or overly tired clichés.”- Metal Observer (2010 review for Ancestral Anthems)

“Their songs pulse and writhe like a sinuous living thing.”- Exclaim (2012 review of Marzena)

 Protokult - No Beer In Heaven - 2014 - Album Cover

[Download Album Cover]

[Download Album Lyrics]

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
(translation from Slovenian = Perun Has Shattered The Shackles)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

Hidden Tracks:
13. Brotokult (3:03)
14. We Smoke The Ganga (3:33)

Release Date: August 8, 2014
Label: Self Release
Distribution: Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Friendly Fire Distro
ISRC Codes #: (coming soon)
UPC Code #: (coming soon)

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Protokult
• All songs written by: Martin Drozd, Ekaterina
• Produced by: Protokult &Glenn Fricker
• Mixed by: Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios
• Mastered by: Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios

Album Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd- Vocals, guitars, darbuka, jaw harp, synthesizer
Ekaterina – Soprano and traditional vocals, recorders, psaltery, zhaleika & sopilka.
Dawid Slowiak- Bass, group chants
Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
Mike Matveev- Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd- Vocals, guitars, synthesizer
Ekaterina –Vocals, recorders, synthesizer
Dawid Slowiak- Bass, group chants
Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
Mike Matveev- Drums

2014- No Beer In Heaven-full length
2011- Marzena- EP
2009- Ancestral Anthems- LP

Shared Stage w/:

Turisas, Alestorm, Arkona, Huntress, Razor

Tours and Festivals:

2014 – Vikingfest (Montreal)
2014 – Headbanging For a Cure (Toronto)
2012 – Paganfest (Toronto)
2012 – Headbanging For a Cure (Toronto)

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Montreal, QC – October 16, 2014


RIYL: Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, Social Distortion, Motorhead, Mojo Nixon

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Calgary’s Hillbilly Brigade – Puttin’ On The Foil – Bring The Party To Albertan Tour + Show w/Gob

Calgary’s redneck revival trio Puttin’ On The Foil challenges audiences to not have a good time at their upcoming shows as the raw-rock influenced, punk tinged band will be performing Tour dates from October 17 – November 29, which includes a show date with Canadian punk rock staples, Gob The tour takes the Okotoks rednecks across Alberta’s concert capitals (Edmonton and Calgary) plus through the mountains (Banff). The band is currently endorsed by Mesa Boogie Amps and proudly uses them to get the party started.

We’ve come for your women and your beer.” – Trayne Rekk, Gui

Tour dates

Fri, Oct 17 | Event Link | Tickets available at door

Puttin On The Foil, the Reckless Rebels, Vigilant Decision

$10/18+, no minors

Rendezvous Pub

Edmonton, AB, CA | 8:00PM


Sat, Oct 18 | Event Link | Tickets

Puttin On The FoiL

$8/19+,no minors

Rock Bottom

Saskatoon, SK, CA | 8:00PM


Sat, Oct 25 | Event Link | Tickets

Supersuckers, Puttin On The FoiL, Poison Pens

$20/18+, no minors

Dickens Pub

Calgary, CA | 8:00PM


Fri, Oct 31 | Event Link

Puttin On The FoiL

$TBA/19+, no minors

Leo’s Tavern

Pincher Creek, AB, CA | 8:00PM


Mon, Nov 3 | Event Link | Tickets

Puttin On The FoiL, GOB

$12.50 +service charge / 18+, no minors

Wild Bill’s

Banff, CA | 9:00PM


Sat, Nov 22 | Event Link | Tickets

Rebuild/Repair, Puttin On The FoiL, OHMWAR, Thrashadactyl, State of Demur, Just Stay F**king Dead

$10 / 18+, no minors

Vern’s Tavern

Calgary, CA | 8:00PM


Fri, Nov 28 | Event Link

Puttin On The FoiL

18+, no minors

Fionn MacCool’s Red Deer

Red Deer, AB, CA | 8:00PM


Sat, Nov 29 | Event Link

Puttin On The FoiL

18+, no minors

Fionn MacCool’s Red Deer

Red Deer, AB, CA | 8:00PM

About: Life’s too short so f$%k it – let’s get drunk and stoned!

“Ya, that’s pretty much it man, “states vocalist Kevin Rowland. “It’s all about the party and having a good time. Life’s too short, so you might as well think on the bright side, drink a few beers and rock out!” Puttin’ on the Foil bring more than their fair share of party to the table on their latest album, ‘Sing-A-Long-Drinkin’’ Songs – a self-produced effort, engineered by Johnny Gasparic. The album’s seventeen tracks run the gamut from Iron Maiden inspired speed metal, to AC/DC rhythmic groove, all wrapped up and warped out with their very own blend of hillbilly, mountain punk.

Playing over 150 shows a year, Calgary, Alberta’s Puttin’ on the Foil come ready to bring the party to your doorstep. Their debut album, Sing-A-Long-Drinkin’ Songs blends elements of classic southern hard rock with modern punk; all wrapped up and warped out with singer / bassist Kevin Rowland’s excellent sense of humor.

Track Listing: Puttin’ On The FoiL – Giver To The Liver

  1. Intro
  2. More Liquor
  3. Drunk and Horny
  4. I’m Too Pissed
  5. Liquored Up
  6. It’s A Hit
  7. Drunk and Stoned
  8. Shot To Hell
  9. We Came To Rock
  10. Need More Beer Intro
  11. Need More Beer
  12. Drunk and Stupid
  13. Drunkard
  14. Let’s Get Pissed
  15. G.F.Y.

For more info, please visit the following links:


- 30 -

“Only time I make any F#@king money is with you guys” Cam – The Gruvstone Lounge

“Puttin’ On The FoiL is a great band. I have hired them on numerous occasions for benefit shows/Parties/Stampede Breakfest’s. I will continue to use them!!!!”- Andrew Smith – Canwest Elevators

“I’ve been in the bar business for 30 years hiring bands. Puttin’OnTheFoiL are in the top 5 bands I’ve ever hired. They always do more than what’s expected of them!!!!!! Always bring a show!!!!” – Cameron Doyle

“I’d best describe these guys as the Allman Brothers meets Motorhead. It’s like the bayou meets Birmingham, England” – Blackstream Records founder – Alex Whitcombe


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Montreal, QC – October 21, 2014


R.I.Y.L. = Dethklok, Bloodhound Gang, Tenacious D, System of a Down, Weird Al Yankovic, Primus, Stephen Lynch, Iwrestledabearonce, Mr. Bungle,  Austrian Death Machine

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Revolver Mag Premiere Humorcore Kings PSYCHOSTICK’s ‘President Rhino’ From Upcoming Album Album ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’

CD Release Tour w/ Downtown Brown, Fungonewrong (IL,WI,OH,IN,MI,PA,NJ,NY,VT,RI,VA,MO,NE,KS)

IV: Revenge of The Vengeance

1. Revenge of The Vengeance (0:42)
2. Obey the Beard (3:53)
3. President Rhino (2:12)
4. H-Flat (0:20)
5. So. Heavy. (4:48)
6. Dogs Like Socks (1:09)
7. Super Legit OFFICIAL Teaser #2 Explode (0:31)
8. Quack Kills (3:29)
9. Blue Screen (4:37)
10. NSFW (3:13)
11. Danger Zone (3:50)
12. New To The Neighborhood (0:53)
13. Loathe Thy Neighbor (4:57)
14. AWESOME! (3:32)
15. Choking Hazard (3:14)
16. Fight to the Death (3:18)
17. Bruce Campbell (2:40)
18. Trick or Treat (0:40)
19. Dimensional Time Portal (3:21)
20. The Power of Metal Compels You (2:04)
21. Outtakes IV: The Outtakening (3:47)

Album Length: 57:13

     They’re back!!!!! Chicago, IL based comedy rock kings PSYCHOSTICK are excited to share with Revolver Magazine and fans their latest offering nine months after a successful crowd-funding campaign to build a studio with a promise of new material. Now that day has come and the humorecore champions are ready to unleash their 4th full length installment ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’ due out on November 4th, 2014 with an exclusive song premiere of ‘President Rhino’ on

“Most people don’t believe we’ll see a Rhinoceros in the White House during out lifetime. We wrote President Rhino to get the tough questions out there and potentially start a dialogue among voters about who and what they want to support politically.” comments vocalist Rob Kersey.

President Rhino – 

This latest album from the band’s laugh factory is the follow up to 2011’s ‘Space Vampires VS Zombie Dinosaurs in 3-D’ and 2013 singles the beard anthem ‘Obey The Beard‘ (debut at #14 on US radio metal charts) and ‘Dogs Like Socks‘ (over 1 million views on youtube), which also appear on the new album along with tons of new tracks such as ‘Quack Kills’, ‘So. Heavy’, ‘Blue Screen’, ‘Bruce Campbell’ (a tribute to the 21st century’s most beloved action super hero ) plus guest appearances by Bill Manspeaker (founder of Green Jello), Neil Patterson and Rob Nichols from Downtown Brown and many many more comedy sing-a-longs ready for the road.

PSYCHOSTICK will be venturing out on the road from October 31st to November 23rd promoting the release with tickets going on sale now. (dates listed below)

To check out the various pre-order packages for ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’, please visit the following link:

Pre-Order Video –

revenge of the vengeance: new psychostick album preorder now!


‘Obey The Beard’

‘Dogs Like Socks’

Tour Dates:

Oct 31 – Cherry Valley, IL @ Take 20

Nov 1 – Ringle, WI @ Q and Z Expo Center

Nov 3 – South Bend, IN @ Cheers Pub

Nov 4 – Cleveland, OH @ Agora Ballroom

Nov 6 – Woodstock, IL @ Offsides Bar & Grill

Nov 7 – Fort Wayne, IN @ Piere’s

Nov 8 – Flint, MI @ The Machine Shop

Nov 9 – Erie, PA @ BT Theater

Nov 11 – Trenton, NJ @ Championships Bar & Grill

Nov 12 – Amityville, NY @ Revolution

Nov 13 – South Burlington, VT @ The Venue Nightclub

Nov 14 – Cranston, RI @ Oak Bar & Grill

Nov 15 – Winchester, VA @ Blue Fox Billiards

Nov 16 – Reading, PA @ Reverb

Nov 18 – Milford, OH @ Bocca Live

Nov 19 – Sauget, IL @ Pop’s

Nov 20 – Joplin, MO @ Rock 3405

Nov 21 – Omaha, NE @ Shamrocks Pub & Grill

Nov 22 – Merriam, KS @ Aftershock

Nov 23 – Bloomington, IL @ The Castle Theatre

For more info, music and tour dates, please visit the following links:



Harnessing their crazy sense of humor and love of all things metal, vocalist Rob “Rawrb” Kersey and guitarist Josh “The J” Key joined forces with drummer Alex “Shmalex” Dontre and bassist  Matty J “Moose” to create Pyschostick, a band they’ve coined as humorcore. With hilarious lyrics, heavy riffs, notorious stage antics and high-energy performances, the band has caused millions of laughs around the world and hundreds of mosh pits across the US of A, often simultaneously, since its birth in Phoenix, AZ in 2000.

Now residing in Chicago, IL, with four full-length albums behind them – “We Couldn’t Think of a Title” (2006), their holiday album “The Flesh Eating Rollerskate Holiday Joyride” (2007), “Sandwich” (2009),  and “Space Vampires vs. Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D” (2011), the almost 100 percent do-it-yourself laugh factory, Psychostick returns with their signature sound (Chimaira, Machine Head and Hatebreed sexing Tenacious D and Weird Al Yankovic) to showcase their latest offering, the crowd funded album ‘IV: Revenge of The Vengeance’ (fan thank you video out on November 4, 2014. Featuring a hilarious track listing that includes previously released singles the beard anthem ‘Obey The Beard’ and popular ‘Dog Like Socks’ plus new tracks such as ‘Quack Kills’, ‘So. Heavy’, ‘Blue Screen’, and a tribute to the 21st century’s most beloved action super hero ‘Bruce Campbell’. Psychostick are crazy to share with fans many more comedy sing-a-longs on the road and more!

Fun facts about Psychostick

- 30 -

“The opening set by Psychostick — a band best known in Kansas City for its 98.9 The Rock staple “Beer!” — was deeply amusing. Heavy metal is ripe for parody, and the jokers in the Arizona band mercilessly mock the genre’s inherent silliness. Psychostick’s presence reflected the night’s theme of good, dirty fun.” – Kansas City Star

“”The grooves are infectious and easy to nod along to”-

“”Psychostick continues to be the most fun band in rock’n’roll with “Sandwich,” twenty-four tracks that will have you banging your head while you laugh your ass off at the same time.” –

“I found myself laughing out loud, track after ridiculous track, eager to hear what nonsense was to follow.” –

“If you like humorous metal like Polkadot Cadaver you might just laugh yourself to death by this new album (Space Vampires vs Zombie Dinosaurs in 3D by Psychostick. It’s actually very like a comedy show on metal music. Totally awesome and insane.” – MetalLikey

“A crazy musical storm truly one of the most entertaining and energetic show’s we’ve covered in a long time and most defiantly the most humorous!” –

“Do you want to metal? Psychostick wants to metal. On their newest, heaviest and funniest effort Sandwich, the clowned princes of humorcore metal their mad-hatted heads off.” – 

“Listening to a Psychostick album is like eavesdropping on college bros riffing on each other or just jamming in their garage.” –

“When listening to a Psychostick album, you can usually expect two things: outstanding guitar riffs and hooks and then, and most importantly, you can almost always expect to laugh…at least once or twice.” –

Psychostick is notorious for a few things, two of which being off-the-wall album titles (2003’s We Couldn’t Think of a Title” and 2009’s Sandwich) and hilarious lyrics meshed with face-melting instrumentals.” –

“…the Weird Al Yankovic of Metal.” –

“…the more you listen, the funnier and harder it becomes.” –

“It’s a magical moment when you see a band doing exactly what they love to do.” –

“Psychostick wrapped more amazingness into about 35 minutes than I have ever really seen in concert.” –

“Psychostick may come off as idiot savants considering a lot of what they sing about are everyday common crap such as oranges, hoagies, salsa and taking showers, but the Texas taco munchers who once released an album called We Couldn’t Think of a Title in 2006 are smarter than you think.” – The Metal Minute

“Psychostick release another solid album with over-the-top hilarity.” Sputnik Music – Review of Sandwich

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Jon Asher – Music Publicist – ashermedia [AT]

Radio Promotions – radiotrackingashermedia [AT]

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Montreal, QC – October 20, 2014


RIYL =  Epica, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Amon Amarth, Children Of Bodom, Iced Earth | Facebook |  Twittter | Reverbnation | Soundcloud | Youtube | Last.FM

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KARKAOS Unleash ‘Leap of Faith’ Track Featuring New Vocalist Viky Boyer

Recently announcing their return to the Montreal metal scene with new vocalist Viky Boyer, extreme melodic metal band KARKAOS are proud to reveal to fans their re-recorded track with the vicious songstress ‘Leap of Faith’ from their latest album ‘Empire’.

The band comments:

“We present you Leap of Faith covered by Viky Boyer, our new lead singer. We chose this song specifically for its high energy and diverse singing styles. Enjoy, comment and share!”

Leap of Faith featuring new vocalist Viky Boyer – 

In additional news, Karkaos will be performing their first show with Boyer on November 28th in Montreal at Petit Cafe Campus alongside Märchenbilder, Instanzia and At Dawn’s Edge. For tickets and show info, please visit here.

1. Ode to La Resistance (1:26)

2. Leap of Faith (4:17)

3. Depths of Madness (4:40)

4. The Condemned (4:32)

5. Echoes of Perpetuity (3:55)

6. Blood, Sweat and Tears (4:36)

7. Dusk (1:01)

8. Fallen Empire (3:18)

9. Awaiting The Clock’s Last Turn (5:30)

10. Eden (8:16)

Album Length: 41:38


Founded in 2009, Karkaos has evolved into one of the most reputable and celebrated metal acts hailing from Montreal, QC. Melodic yet heavy, this female-fronted band succeeds in targeting an immensely wide audience thus establishing a vast following within just a few short years. With Veronica O. Rodriguez as their former charismatic singer and front woman, the band released their first E.P. entitled “In Burning Skies” in 2011 closely followed by a professionally shot music video and a live appearance on Montreal’s prestigious music television station “Musique Plus”.

Following a great reception and positive reviews, the band was invited to participate in local competitions and perform with international acts such as Into Eternity, Enslaved, UneXpect and Unleash the Archers. Growing exponentially, the band enlists new veteran members of the local music scene before returning to the studio to record their debut full-length album called “Empire”. With a new solid line-up, the band released the music video for “Depths of Madness” in December 2013 and their debut album in March 2014 to critical acclaim.

Forever evolving, Karkaos parted ways with their dedicated singer Veronica, moving into a more focused and professional direction by recruiting Viky Boyer, a young talented extreme vocalist and musician. With Viky at the helm, Karkaos is ready to embark on new ventures, always pushing forward the boundaries of extreme melodic metal.

- 30 -

“I would recommend this album to every Melodic Death fan and fans of war and kingdom themed albums.”  9/10   Metal Temple

“Empire is a diverse, energetic listen that I would recommend to just about anyone that enjoys metal music.”  9/10 Epic Music Review

“«Empire» est un album qui m’a particulièrement plu et étonné. Autant par sa qualité sonore que par la complexité des pièces et des arrangements musicaux.”  8.5/10 Daily Rock

“Plus d’une fois les poils sur ma nuque se sont dressés lors de mes nombreuses écoutes de leur excellent album”  8.5/10   – Ondes Chocs

“Ce mélange de death, assez technique soutenu par une orchestration sans faille. La production est nickel et la qualité des musiciens est exemplaire.”  9/10   – Muzik Injection

“One of the most surprising breakout releases of the year, “In Burning Skies” is a powerhouse of a release from the new Canadian act Karkaos that goes on a whirlwind tour of all things metal.” 4/5 – Metal Underground

“In Burning Skies » est un coup de maître, un de ceux qui vous redonnent foi en un genre affaibli.”- Metal Ship

“The Tempest”, is simply a brilliant song that showcases the full potential of the band” – Blackwind Metal

“Karkaos a réussi à rallumer chez moi quelque chose que j’avais cru mort lorsque j’ai vu In Flames se convertir en Screamo/Emo/Dubstep.” – Musik Universe

“…d’une qualité irréprochable ainsi qu’incroyablement diversifiée.” – Musique d’une Nation