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Montreal, QC – October 24, 2014

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(R.I.Y.L. = Iron Maiden, Dio, Skull Fist, Cauldron, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeth, ACDC, Opeth, ACDC, Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin)

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LAUGH AT THE FAKES Post New Lyric Video ‘Killing Time’ From Upcoming Album ‘Dethrone The Crown’ Due Out November 14th

Laugh At The Fakes – Dethrone The Crown

1. Not Like Me (6:27)

2. Death Awaits(4:52)

3. Cut To The Chase (3:36)

4. Killing Time (6:14)

5. Fighting Dirty (5:38)

6. Got No Regrets(4:03)

7. Harmonica Playing Man (6:15)

8. And I (6:56)

9. Dethrone The Crown (5:14)

Album Length: 49:14

         With a name as unique and identifiable as their sound, Toronto, ON’s LAUGH AT THE FAKES is a band that challenges the trends of today’s rock and metal scene. Since the bands inception in 2010, LATF has combined elements of metal, hard rock, and prog to create an unmistakable sound. Debuting their six song EP ‘One Night Only’ in 2011, they return in 2014 with their latest offering ‘Dethrone The Crown’ their first full length produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theatre, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickenson, Bif Naked). Due out on November 14th, the band have posted a new lyric video for their first single ‘Killing Time’, which can be viewed at the following link below.

In additional news, LATF recently supported Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden) during Indie Week in Toronto on October 17th and will be performing onOctober 24th in London, ON at The Richmond Tavern in promotion of their upcoming album ‘Dethrone The Crown’. Tickets and show details can be foundhere.

Lyric Video – Killing Time –

Killing Time – Song Stream:



“Laugh At The Fakes” features Everett Mason (Vocals and Guitar), Galen Weir (bass), Kevin Daliri (guitar) and Chris Avalos (drums).
Their debut six-song EP ‘One Night Only’ was released in 2011 and their 2014 follow-up full-length album, Dethrone the Crown, is scheduled to drop this fall on November 14th. Produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theatre, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickenson, Bif Naked) is a “no filler riffs, just money riffs”, as vocalist / guitarist Mason puts it, “the record deals with today’s most newsworthy topics: War, guns, murder and corruption. It’s real, it’s raw and, of course, it’s honest.’
Touring across Canada, the Toronto-based group has built a solid following with music that’s geared to stand the test of time. Heavy, melodic, crushing and catchy – Laugh at the Fakes is all that and more.
- 30 -

“It’s like they are a hard rock band that likes to explore their thrashy-side too. I love it because I enjoy the catchy melodic vocals but at the same time I can bang my head pretty seriously too. You don’t hear albums like this one very often, if at all. I can’t really think of anything that comes close to being like this album as a whole. ”- Rock Music Critic 

“I’ll admit, I laughed at the band name when I first heard it, but these guys are no joke.” –

“Laugh At The Fakes debut EP One Night Only proves that Melodic Vocals still can reign supreme in Metal albums.” – Kingston Music Reviews 

“The first attraction to hit the stage was Rock/Metal band LAUGH AT THE FAKES, from Toronto, Ontario. Those guys play a nice mix of Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, very old school but with a more polished sounding, and they surely entertained everyone already at Hard Rock Café before 9pm.” – The Headbanging Moose (concert review Indie Week 2014)

Laika – Somnia

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Originally posted on The RingMaster Review:

Laika Press Photo

Though it ebbs and flows in the strength of its persuasion at times, there is no escaping that Somnia, the new album from Canadian melodic death metallers Laika is one compelling and thrilling encounter. It may not seemingly be bursting with open originality, the old school breeding of their style driving the creative tempests making up the album, but there is a specific drama and adventurous enterprise belonging to the band flowing through each fresh and seriously captivating persuasion that begs different. It is occasionally not as startling in places as it is elsewhere and maybe should be overall, but Somnia is certainly an impressive and lingering encounter ensuring that the name Laika will not just known for being that of the name of the Russian dog who became one of the first animals to travel to space.

Formed in 2009 with the name inspired by that hound, the…

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Montreal, QC – October 23, 2014

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R.I.Y.L. – Wuthering Heights, Manticora, Falconer, Elvenking, Symphony X, Angra

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Prog Power Metal VIATHYN Post New Lyric Video ‘The Coachman'; New Album Out ‘Cynosure’ + FREE Downloads

Track Listing: Viathyn – Cynosure

1. Ageless Stranger – 7:13

2. The Coachman – 5:41

3. Edward Mordrake – 6:24

4. Shadows In Our Wake – 7:02

5. Countess of Discordia – 7:12

6. Time Will Take Us All – 7:01

7. Three Sheets To The Wind – 7:21

8. Albedo – 6:48

9. Cynosure – 9:35

Total Length: 01:04:20

      Calgary, AB progressive power metal quartet VIATHYN have posted a new lyric video for their track ‘The Coachman’ from their new album ‘Cynosure’ released on October 7th. 

To view the lyric video, please visit the following link here.

Produced by VIATHYN’s Tomislav Crnkovic plus mixed and mastered bySacha Laskow (Divinity, Every Hour Kills), ‘Cynosure’ features nine epic assaulting tracks with intense guitar shredding and infectious chants that blend prog thrash, melo-death and power metal influences. With VIATHYN‘s 2010 ‘The Peregrine Way’ debut album praised for its innovative song-writing and fresh comparison to today’s power metal, it was only a matter of time for guitarist Jacob Wright to launch into song-writing mode and compose a majority of the material that would be recorded for this second full-length. Even through hindrances such as studio closings, computer crashes, losing a jam space, and a flood, VIATHYN was able to record their second album between August 2012 and February 2014. With the addition of 7-string guitars, some growl vocals, and an evolving influence, Cynosure’s songs are faster, more technical, and heavier, while maintaining a constant melodic and progressive presence ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Full Album Stream – Cynosure – 

Album Order:



Free Song Download – ‘The Coachman':

Free Song Download – ‘Ageless Stranger':

Youtube Medley Stream –

Soundcloud Medley Stream –

Viathyn – Mini – Doc – The Making of Cynosure –

Upcoming Show Dates:

December 5 – Calgary, AB – Dickens Pub w/ Dark Forest and Scythia.

For more info, please visit



A chance encounter at a local record store in Calgary, Alberta between guitarist Jacob Wright, who was just looking for work, and vocalist Tomislav Crnkovic, who happened to be an employee of said shop, resulted in a friendship that gradually led to the creation of progressive power metal outfit Viathyn in 2006 with a solidified live and recording line up in 2009.

Playing off the word ‘Leviathan’, the guys settled on ‘Viathyn’, which has no actual definition in the English language, but when referring to the band can be taken to mean ‘progressive, melodic, grandiose, innovative and emotional’.

Forgoing the strict rules and structure common to the genre, the four-piece is known for its ability to write songs that grow and progress naturally and shift tone unapologetically without falling victim to common tropes. Building on their first full-length album, 2010’s The Peregrine Way, Viathyn is now gearing up to unveil its second record, Cynosure produced by vocalist/guitarist Tomislav Crnkovic plus mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Every Hour Kills).

“The literal definition of ‘cynosure’ is a focal point or an object that serves to guide,” explains Wright. “Each track focuses upon a character that is either affected by or acts as an agent of chaos and the message we wanted to express is how small and insignificant our actions and petty squabbles are within the grand scale of the universe. It’s kind of a backwards way of trying to show that we as humans should be humble and respectful to each other!”

Cynosure promises to be faster, more technical and heavier than its predecessor while maintaining a constant melodic and progressive presence – can you handle it?

- 30 -

“A pristine production and moody artwork round off a phenomenal album that takes the best of prog and power metal, adds some celtic influence, and an outstanding feeling for flow, dynamics and melodies that catapults both Viathyn and Cynosure into the uppermost echelons of the genre. At times reminding me of Danish masters Wuthering Heights, the Calgarians are putting bar high and any fan of prog power!” – Metal Observer

“An exploration of disillusion, discord, affliction, enlightenment, and grandeur as seen through nine different storytellers, Viathyn live for a more European-oriented montage of neo-classical runs, twin guitar harmonies, double bass fury, and the occasional mid-tempo transition that can be highly folk or Celtic influenced…Cynosure is proof again that our neighbors to the north can rival the best European acts going in this faithful, happy sub-genre.” – Dead Rhetoric

“From the galloping opener “Ageless Stranger” to the long, swirling, fist-pumping closer “Cynosure”, this album has everything a fan of power metal could want. Guitar solos to die for, pounding rhythm, riffs that stick in your head for days, and a vocalist that impresses you with every song. It is simply an awe inspiring album, on several levels of musicianship, storytelling, and even visually with artwork that is absolutely beautiful.” – Crown of Viserys

“An atmospheric metal album with grand vocal work and guitar structure.” – Headbang or GFTO

“Cynosure is an album with plenty to offer fans of the Progressive Power Metal sound, as VIATHYN have a great talent for making melodies and their songwriting abilities have enabled them to make an album full of long songs without getting boring.” – Metal Temple

“the songwriting is masterful and the songs are tight and fun” – The Blood Shed

“VIATHYN play majestic epic progressive power metal, with a tinge of folk metal, prog rock and with a slight sprinkling of thrash added to the mix for good measure” – All About The Rock

“Second on the album is “The Coachman”, which was released a few weeks ago. Hands down, my favorite song on this album. I always love a band that has a story-line within the song, and even from the start the lyrics are superb. Vocalist Tomislav Crnkovic has one of the smoothest and grooviest melodic lines I have heard from a Canadian band, he’s got the highs that can scare a cat – and he’s got a metal as fuck name.” – Morning Metal – CKCU 93.1 FM (Ottawa)

“Viathyn executes each song perfectly, on game and completely in your face. The production quality on this album is excellent, which I believe was done at Perfect Fifth Studios – one of Calgary’s premier metal recording studios…The songwriting on this album, especially this track (Cynosure), proves that this band pays attention to what they’re doing and how well they want to the overall vibe to leave on you.” – Ottawa Showbox

“Cynosure sees Viathyn move from a solid foundation to having released a mature batch of power metal songs that meet or exceed my (very high) expectations for front line power metal veterans like Labyrinth, Orden Ogan, and DGM. I give this album an extremely high recommendation to those that like heavy, fast power metal with extremely satisfying twists and quirks. The unparalleled lyricism: often dark, sometimes abstract, and always very vivid, is bound to appeal to progressive fans as well. You just can’t lose with this one.” – Black Wind Metal

“Viathyn advances the progressive elements of metal music gracefully articulating the acoustic canvas with intense rhythm, accentuated with electrical precision, weaving a spirited discography of ageless compositions.” – Metal Canvas – CHUO 89.1 FM (Ottawa)

“Canada’s Viathyn play a hybrid of melodic, heavy progressive metal with hints of classical elements thrown in for good measure.

“Cynosure” is an amalgamation of all the best elements taken from progressive metal, heavy metal, classical influences within their guitar leads and playing. Their clean vocals, with the occasional rough vocals on few of the songs definitely brings out this quartet’s total musical essence on their newest CD “Cynosure”. There is not one dull moment on this grandiose produced album (it sounds very big in the production and mix), which feels like you’re experiencing this band in a live setting. They’re a four-piece group, but certainly sound like a ten member band, with their whole slew of playing styles and varied musical influences.” – Explicitly Intense

“it becomes clear these are people who have not only mastered their instruments but also have a way above average sense of music.” – Lords of Metal

“Part of what makes “Cynosure” such an interesting listen is that it draws influence from a variety of sources.” – Skull Fracturing Metal

“Great melodies that will stay with you for days, impassioned vocals and excellent compositions (with most songs being in the seven minute range) along with a darker and more progressive sound than on their 2012 album, The Peregrine Way.” – Prog Metal Zone

“Canadian metallers Viathyn present another contagious and gripping proposition with new album Cynosure. Nine individual musical and creative emprises thick, the album presents a fruitful and colourful journey for ears and imagination. Every track is an intriguing and at times demanding proposition with more going on than can be taken in on initial unions. It is an attention wanting enticement though which roars with a melodic tenacity and strolls with muscular flirtation to give the richest rewards.” – Ring Master Review


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Montreal, QC – October 22, 2014 

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RIYL = Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, Atlas Genius, Bad Suns, The Black Keys, Fallout Boy, The Gaslight Anthem, Grouplove

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Calgary Rockers THE GROUNDS Release New Single ‘Lilac’

Group1Edit 300

       What sets The Grounds apart from other young bands on the rise is their unique ability to achieve multipart harmonies that often include all four band members. Barely adults, this young Calgary based alternative rock band form their sound with a blend of influences that include grunge and classic rock, an ensemble of vocal harmonies as well as individual instrument parts intertwining to create a unique and memorable sound.

Only being around since 2011, the band has grown and developed quickly showing a level of maturity and professionalism that is rare at this stage of their career. With focus and determination, they won the Original Music Showcase 2014 in Calgary, placing first against 30 bands, most of whom were far more experienced.

Winning over local promoters, venues and fans has seen The Grounds open for touring bands like 40 Sons, Tommy Alto and Pigeon Park as well as local heavyweights, Open AIR. The Grounds have a solid future in front of them and it starts with their new single ‘Lilac’, which can be heard at the following links below.

“We felt Lilac was an excellent choice for our first official single. The feel of the song really isolates each individual member and plays to their strengths” – Mark Shackleton

Lilac Promo Video –


Song Stream Links

For more info, please visit the following links:

- 30


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Montreal, QC – October 22, 2014

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R.I.Y.L. – Arkona, Windir, Nightwish, Turisas, Skyforger

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Beer Loving Prog Folk Metal PROTOKULT Playing Metal Divas Fest In Toronto November 29; New Album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ + Music Video ‘Get Me A Beer!’

‘No Beer In Heaven’ Album Stream –

Youtube ‘No Beer In Heaven’ Album Stream –

Get Me A Beer! – Music Video –

Lyric Video – Get Me A Beer! –

     Beer drinking progressive folk metallers PROTOKULT are proud to announce they will be performing at this year’s first ever Metal Divas Fest in Toronto, ON at the Bovine Sex Club on November 29th that includes Marchenbilder, At Dawn’s Edge and Psycho Mad Sally. For tickets and info, please visit the following link here.

Protokult front woman Ekatertina Pyatkova comments:

“We are excited to take part in the launch of the first ever Metal Diva Fest in Toronto. It’s great to realize that today we have more and more women participating in metal, both in Canada and the rest of the world. For me the launch of this festival is not only a way to showcase current talented bands, but also a way to honour the legacy of women who have paved the path for us today. This is an amazing line-up, be sure to check it out! I know this festival will turn into a successful reoccurring event.”

The Eastern European transplants now residing in Toronto, ON released their sophomore album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ on August 8th with their single ‘Get Me A Beer!’ pleasing beer fans around the globe. This follow up to 2011’s ‘Marzena’ EP and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’ has a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal onslaught, the album captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of twelve entirely new compositions, and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. The band unites their diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for headbangers everywhere.

Upcoming dates:

November 29 - Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club w/ Metal Divas Fest w/ Marchenbilder, At Dawn’s Edge, Psychos Mad Sally

December 6 - St. Catharines, ON – Mikado Lounge w/ Skull Fist, Last Scattering, Manacle

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

For more info, please visit the following links:

Album Order –


- 30 -

“they’ve got a good sense of humor, and they sound top-notch” – Metal Sucks
“boozy blast of heathen prog” – Team Rock 
“Le metal a du talent.”  – Metal France
“If you’d like a taste of the brew Protokult has on tap, check out the eclectic, hoppy folk thrasher “Get Me a Beer”. Indeed this mix of traditional folk, thrash metal, death metal, and other genres will have you stomping your feet and drinking too fast.`- Yell Magazine
“The rousing opening track “Get Me A Beer” is alcohol-fueled folk metal with similarities to bands like Korpiklaani, but they have many other facets… It’s an extremely diverse album” – Heavy Metal.
“Ah this album was a pleasure to review. So many albums are a slog to get through, but I was sorry when No Beer In Heaven ended…All the band are excellent musicians and you can hear their joy at playing their music. Ekaterina Pvatlova brings another dimension to the band too; her vocals are nothing you’ve heard in metal before, and I love the touch she brings with the woodwind instruments…I love the track “Get Me A Beer” – it could be marketed as a cure for depression. Elsewhere, the contrast between folk and metal works very harmoniously: heavy and uplifting at the same time. Joyous stuff! The band also have a good sense of humour, and while they can be serious, this is an enjoyable life-affirming album to listen to, which is as it should be. Our lives are brief; we should try and enjoy our spell on this earth! I love the album artwork and presentation too. This is a band the world needs to hear more of. Highly recommended! – Hellbound
“a superb album. Protokult gives folk-metal a new nice dimension. Their progressive folk-metal approach is a very delicious one. Don’t let the ‘beer-titles’ fool you, the band goals are far beyond beer-humpaa. They’re far more serious, despite of the sometimes quite merry tunes. This is one of the best folk-metal albums I’ve heard this year” –
“Protokult is a colourful collective, made up of four guys and a lady…It is a versatile album…progressive twists and turns in the songs and surprising approaches.” – Lords of Metal
“The very second I started to listen to No Beer In Heaven and “Get Me A Beer” came on I was instantly hooked. Instantly Protokult kills it with a killer opening riff that is a combination of electric guitar and synthesizer. “Get Me A Beer” has one of the wildest mix of genres and styles that I have heard in quite some time.” – Kingston Music Reviews
“Let’s mark the list down, shall we: Awesome Folk music spanning different areas of sound and direction, check! Creative and art work based around an old fashioned beer hall, check! And last, but certainly not least, BEER themed music!!!!.” – Metal Temple
“Folk and metal comes together in a epic way with Protokult. The mix is perfect for the party and other festivity’s that needs a nice kick in the ass, like a metal heads funeral. Hooks, beer and the ever changing change ups makes this LP one for the books.” Tommy Tee – The Metal Factory on Insane Realm
“Although PROTOKULT is a Canadian-based group, the members come from various backgrounds (Polish, Irish, Russian, Czech) and the result is a marvellous mix of Canadian and international forces. The goal is to unite these cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for head-bangers everywhere.” – Demented Magazine
“Most bands go on the road to promote the CD and encourage fans to buy it but this album would actually encourage me to go and see the band. The music speaks and says that this band will be well worth watching live.” – Extreme Metal Television
“Anyone who has seen this band live knows that the beer maidens will be pouring potent potables into ever thirsty mouths at the front of the stage. Before this delightful feature comes to fruition, the fans come in close, sing along, and dance the metal jig during the pagan musical onslaught from the band. We are instantly transported to villages, and forests of another era.” – Metal Master Kingdom (Live Review)
“All in all No Beer In Heaven is an extra large package of dark folk metal here to drink and party with you. If you’re a folk fan, be sure to give them a listen. The album is a solid piece and an enjoyment to even non-folk fans. Oh, and they also love the ‘Water of Life’ (that is vodka if you didn’t know already).” – Two Guys Metal Reviews
“They belong amongst the ranks of bands like Moonsorrow and Skyforger…Almost every song twists and turns through several folk metal transformations, without ever tapping into cheesy or overly tired clichés.”- Metal Observer (2010 review for Ancestral Anthems)

“Their songs pulse and writhe like a sinuous living thing.”- Exclaim (2012 review of Marzena)

 Protokult - No Beer In Heaven - 2014 - Album Cover

[Download Album Cover]

[Download Album Lyrics]

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
(translation from Slovenian = Perun Has Shattered The Shackles)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

Hidden Tracks:
13. Brotokult (3:03)
14. We Smoke The Ganga (3:33)

Release Date: August 8, 2014
Label: Self Release
Distribution: Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby, Friendly Fire Distro
ISRC Codes #: (coming soon)
UPC Code #: (coming soon)

Album Credits:
• All songs performed by: Protokult
• All songs written by: Martin Drozd, Ekaterina
• Produced by: Protokult &Glenn Fricker
• Mixed by: Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios
• Mastered by: Glenn Fricker at Spectre Sound Studios

Album Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd- Vocals, guitars, darbuka, jaw harp, synthesizer
Ekaterina – Soprano and traditional vocals, recorders, psaltery, zhaleika & sopilka.
Dawid Slowiak- Bass, group chants
Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
Mike Matveev- Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Martin Drozd- Vocals, guitars, synthesizer
Ekaterina –Vocals, recorders, synthesizer
Dawid Slowiak- Bass, group chants
Jeremy Jackson (Vodnik) – Guitars, group chants
Mike Matveev- Drums

2014- No Beer In Heaven-full length
2011- Marzena- EP
2009- Ancestral Anthems- LP

Shared Stage w/:

Turisas, Alestorm, Arkona, Huntress, Razor

Tours and Festivals:

2014 – Vikingfest (Montreal)
2014 – Headbanging For a Cure (Toronto)
2012 – Paganfest (Toronto)
2012 – Headbanging For a Cure (Toronto)