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Posted: October 30, 2014 in The Grounds

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Montreal, QC – October 30, 2014

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New Music Video ‘Angel MMXIV’ directed by NEW JACOBIN CLUB’s Candi (vocals/theremin)

Contest Alert: Enter To Win NEW JACOBIN CLUB Hard Cover Book, Smartphone Case + New Album ‘Soldiers of The Mark’

(Clockwise starting from the top right)

The Horde – vocals/guitar , Mistress Nagini – backing vocals/keyboard, The Ruin – bass, The Luminous – cello, Rat King – drums, Poison Candi – Vocals/theremin/percussion

Photo credit: Kathryn Trembach

Music Video – ‘Angel MMXIV’ –

‘Champagne Ivy’ song stream –

      Canadian gothic shock rockers New Jacobin Club have posted the directorial debut of vocalist/ thermin player Candi (Candice Grosenick) for their new music video ‘Angel MMXIV’ from their new album ‘Soldiers of The Mark’ released this past September.

“We’ve never done a video quite like this before – Candi (vocals/theremin) scripted and directed all the nasty concept footage with our extraordinary band photographer/videographer Kathryn Trembach. Other parts were filmed as recently as last week in Regina, Saskatchewan and at the Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival in late September. It was truly a project produced by the band itself – it’s the visual representation of our music and live show we’ve always wanted.” comments vocalist/guitarist The Horde.

In additional news, NJC’s October giveaway is coming to an end on October 31st to win a prize package that includes a CD digipak of their new album ‘Soldiers of The Mark‘, a smartphone case and a copy of ‘The Soldiers of The Mark’hardcover companion book. All that is required is to sign up before midnight on Halloween! October 31st!

The hardcover bound volume complete with glossy dust jacket is already sold out, and was a special item available for pre-order through the band’s online fan community. It features an introduction to the concept behind Soldiers of The Mark as well as the complete lyrics to the album, translations, and some commentary. It is all highlighted by artwork, concept photography and live photos assembled from the contributions of visual artists Jess Thamnos, Kathryn Trembach and Candice Grosenick.

In addition, the band is offering 3 free downloads just for entering. The contest will run throughout the month October and the winner announced November 1st.

Horde (guitar/vocals) comments:

“The book is something we’re really proud of – it’s like a cd inlay on steroids. We’re so privileged to have such talented visual artists working with us that we felt is was totally justified – a traditional cd inlay or lyric booklet would not be able to do the photography and concept art justice.”

Soldiers of the Mark Book small

Soldiers of the Mark – 2014 – Track listing:

  1. The Mark (4:02)
  2. Parade of Innocents (4:41)
  3. Champagne Ivy(4:00)
  4. Angel MMXIV (2:48)
  5. A Grey Day to Die (3:53)
  6. Into the Fire (5:26)
  7. Garthim (3:58)
  8. My Smile (2:47)
  9. Seal of Metatron  (3:50)
  10. Return to Eden (2:46)

Album Length:  38:15

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Outcasts among wise men and fools alike, the New Jacobin Club is a fiendish group of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists who have been entertaining and provoking since the mid 1990’s. Combining seedy bohemian stage theatrics with bombastic art rock anthems has given the long lived ensemble a shocking and original edge that has attracted as much heated controversy as it has fiercely loyal fans.

Beginning as a power trio based in the Western Canadian city of Saskatoon, the New Jacobin Club signed to U.S. indie label Transparent Records in 1998 and released “A Lesson in Mortality”.   In 2003 “Retake the Throne,” their second full length album, became a minor Canadian college radio hit, creeping on to the national top 100 chart by the year’s end. By 2009, the NJC had become infamous for their provocative live show featuring unsettling freakshow stunts and what would become signature pyro tricks such as “exploding” cymbals and lighting microphone stands on fire. They released the epic gothic rock-opera “This Treason” the following year accompanied with “Inside the Cannibal Circus,” a DVD complete with concept video, live concert and candid documentary style footage. The double disc set was met with even more college radio success and sparked strong opinions from critics in Canada and worldwide.

The group is led by founding father and roaring frontman Xerxes Praetorius Horde (“The Horde” to his allies), singing opposite Poison Candi (theremin, percussion, vocals) and backed by The Luminous (electric cello),The Ruin (bass), The Rat King (drums) and Mistress Nagini (backing vocals, synth) . On stage the band is often joined by a colorful cast of collaboraters including performance artists Firecrotch Jones, Raunchy Rabies, Rima the Birdgirl, and drummer/programmer Eclipse.

Described as “Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought” (Exclaim! Canada’s independent music authority), “Energizing and engaging” (PureGrain Audio, USA) and “a gloriously black exercise in dark psychedelia” (BCFM Sunday Rock Show Review, UK), the New Jacobin Club never tire of dancing on genre boundaries with nods to classic goth, 70’s rock, power metal, blues, somber folk and even a hint of danceable industrial funk. The NJC has shared the stage with KMFDM, Voltaire, the Groovie Ghoulies, Nashville Pussy, the Nekromantix and countless others. Their signature vocal hooks and riffs have propelled them onto local and national Canadian independant radio charts, several movie soundtracks and even their own cable televised acoustic special.

Now in 2014, the band returns with their next shocker ‘Soldiers of The Mark’ due out on September 2nd as a self-release sure to make your ears cringe with its ten tracks of insanity. Along with this release, NJC are offering fans a very special and limited edition “Soldiers of the Mark” hardcover coffee-table format lyric book. It will be a joint effort with Calgary, AB based RunRabbit Entertainment. RunRabbit is notable for their independent short films (“Lilith” premiered at the 2013 Calgary Horrorcon and featured music by the New Jacobin Club prominently in the soundtrack) as well as their dark and provocatively themed photography. The book will contain not only the complete lyrics to the album, but an introduction, brief commentary written by band members and entourage, and full album credits. Contributing visual artists include Jess Thamnos (responsible for the iconic and menacing album cover ), Kathryn Trembach (band photographer) and Candice Grosenick (graphic artist behind the band’s concert posters and merchandise).

First editions of the book will be available by pre-order only and will include a special digital album download featuring the regular 10 song album plus 8 more bonus tracks. The deluxe 18 track version of the album will only be available directly from and with the limited edition book.


“Their newest album, Soldiers of the Mark, is chock full of complex arrangements that utilize all of these instruments along with a headbanging rhythm section of guitar, bass and drums that often lead in to a chorus of both male and female vocals singing in harmony. Just as your mother always told you, never judge a book by it’s cover. Before you realize it, you’ll be headbanging along as you progress through Soldiers of the Mark. ” – Damnation Mag

“The band hits hard and heavy, giving you a kick to the forehead and making you notice them and the great talent that is on display here. This is an album that brings different sounds and genres together to make a glorious racket.” – Altered Frequencies

“Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought.” – Exclaim!

“Energizing and engaging!” – Pure Grain Audio

“a gloriously black exercise in dark psychedelia” – The BCFM Sunday Rock Show Review (UK)

“Worthy of a listen, if only to fuel your desire to see their amazing live show, which may change the way you see music forever.” BC Musician

“…a patchwork of Frankenstein of diverse influences, dueling guitars, enormous synths, pounding drums and bass, and most important, what really sets it apart – incredible musicianship.” – Planet S Mag

“…staright out of the Glenn Danzig (Misfits era) tradition – though much more engaging than Danzig ever was… If you ever wondered what Gwar’s interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show might be like, The New Jacobin Club has your answer.” – Harvest Moon Music

“Romps with a breath that is vibrant and refreshing…wonderfully flamboyant, theatrical and wicked.” – Ring Master Review


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Montreal, QC – October 29, 2014

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LAUGH AT THE FAKES Announce Toronto CD Release Show Nov 14th; Post New Lyric Video ‘Killing Time’ From Upcoming Album ‘Dethrone The Crown’ 

Laugh At The Fakes – Dethrone The Crown

1. Not Like Me (6:27)

2. Death Awaits(4:52)

3. Cut To The Chase (3:36)

4. Killing Time (6:14)

5. Fighting Dirty (5:38)

6. Got No Regrets(4:03)

7. Harmonica Playing Man (6:15)

8. And I (6:56)

9. Dethrone The Crown (5:14)

Album Length: 49:14

         With their upcoming debut album ‘Dethrone The Crown’ due out on November 14th, Toronto, ON’s LAUGH AT THE FAKES will be hosting a CD release day party at Bovine Sex Club with support from locals The Greater Good, Take The Apple, and Downtown Felons. For tickets and info please, visit the following link here.

As unique and identifiable as their sound,  LAUGH AT THE FAKES challenges the trends of today’s rock and metal scene. Since the bands inception in 2010, LATF has combined elements of metal, hard rock, and prog to create an unmistakable sound. Debuting their six song EP ‘One Night Only’ in 2011, they return in 2014 with their latest offering ‘Dethrone The Crown’, their first full length produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theater, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickinson, Bif Naked). LATF have posted a new lyric video for their first single ‘Killing Time’, which can be viewed at the following link below.

Lyric Video – Killing Time –

Killing Time – Song Stream:



“Laugh At The Fakes” features Everett Mason (Vocals and Guitar), Galen Weir (bass), Kevin Daliri (guitar) and Chris Avalos (drums).
Their debut six-song EP ‘One Night Only’ was released in 2011 and their 2014 follow-up full-length album, Dethrone the Crown, is scheduled to drop this fall on November 14th. Produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theatre, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickenson, Bif Naked) is a “no filler riffs, just money riffs”, as vocalist / guitarist Mason puts it, “the record deals with today’s most newsworthy topics: War, guns, murder and corruption. It’s real, it’s raw and, of course, it’s honest.’
Touring across Canada, the Toronto-based group has built a solid following with music that’s geared to stand the test of time. Heavy, melodic, crushing and catchy – Laugh at the Fakes is all that and more.
- 30 -

“It’s like they are a hard rock band that likes to explore their thrashy-side too. I love it because I enjoy the catchy melodic vocals but at the same time I can bang my head pretty seriously too. You don’t hear albums like this one very often, if at all. I can’t really think of anything that comes close to being like this album as a whole. ”- Rock Music Critic 

“I’ll admit, I laughed at the band name when I first heard it, but these guys are no joke.” –

“Laugh At The Fakes debut EP One Night Only proves that Melodic Vocals still can reign supreme in Metal albums.” – Kingston Music Reviews 

“The first attraction to hit the stage was Rock/Metal band LAUGH AT THE FAKES, from Toronto, Ontario. Those guys play a nice mix of Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, very old school but with a more polished sounding, and they surely entertained everyone already at Hard Rock Café before 9pm.” – The Headbanging Moose (concert review Indie Week 2014)–iv-revenge-of-the-vengeance