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Montreal, QC – November 25, 2014

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LAUGH AT THE FAKES Post Lyric Video ‘Death Awaits'; New Album Out ‘Dethrone The Crown’

Lyric Video -Death Awaits –

Dethrone The Crown – Album Stream – 

    Laugh At The Fakes has posted a new lyric video for their track ‘Death Awaits’ from their new album ‘Dethrone The Crown’ released earlier this month on November 14th. To view the video, please visit the following link here.

As unique and identifiable as their sound, Laugh At The Fakes challenges the trends of today’s rock and metal scene. Since their inception in 2010, the Toronto, ON band has combined elements of metal, hard rock, and prog to create an unmistakable sound. Their album ‘Dethrone The Crown’ was produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theater, Kid Rock, Deep Purple, Bruce Dickinson, Bif Naked) to follow up their 2011 six song EP ‘One Night Only’.

To listen to the full album stream of ‘Dethrone The Crown’, please visit the band’s bandcamp here. The album can also be purchased on iTunes here.

Laugh At The Fakes – Dethrone The Crown

  1. Not Like Me (6:27)
  2. Death Awaits(4:52)
  3. Cut To The Chase (3:36)
  4. Killing Time (6:14)
  5. Fighting Dirty (5:38)
  6. Got No Regrets(4:03)
  7. Harmonica Playing Man (6:15)
  8. And I (6:56)
  9. Dethrone The Crown (5:14)

Album Length: 49:14

Lyric Video – Killing Time –

For more info, please visit the following link:

- 30 -

“From the very first riff of the opening track, Not Like Me, you can enjoy their traditional Hard Rock with a huge Heavy Metal influence, something like a mix of Led Zeppelin and Alice In Chains, which is reinforced by the 70’s/80’s Rock N’ Roll vocals by singer/guitarist Everett Mason. It’s a nice song for headbanging, with the final part of it being totally awesome, especially the guitar solo and the accelerated drums.” The Headbanging Moose


“This is metal in its purest and untouched glory. Everett Mason (guitar, vocals), Galen Weir (bass), Kevin Daliri (guitar) and Chris Avalos (drums) are already masters of their craft…mind-blowing, from the shear awesomeness of the first track: “Not Like Me”, to the last seconds of the title track “Dethrone the Crown”. It is like having sex on a bed of marshmallows while being licked by kittens. It makes me happy, and I cannot stand to be happy! They are kicking asses and have taken names, I’d even venture so far to say that they have beaten Metallica at their own game. And all the rock Gods of whom the foundation of metal was built better watch out…“Killing Time” is instantly infectious, “Fighting Dirty” has shades of proggy groove, “Harmonica Playing Man” has a beautiful eloquence, and “Dethrone the Crown”, with its sharp-edged brutality, could be King Joffrey’s anthem (Well…, before he was poisoned). Side note: I have been lucky enough to receive the lyrics to these songs, and they are poetic perfection…Dethrone the Crown is thrashy, melodic, and addictive with inspired vocals and crisp riffs. Laugh at the Fakes understand how to craft catchy songs without sacrificing heaviness.” – Metalholic


“Adroitly blending prog-metal, thrash and melodic hard rock these lads from Canada have created a release that deserves to be heard from start to finish. The album’s opening four tracks make for a perfect introduction to what LOTF are about, encapsulating all of their influences in finely crafted songs that belie that band members’ relative youth.” Metal Nation Radio


“Everett Mason has a fantastically melodic voice, and plays a mean riff too, Galen Weir’s bass playing deserves mention too, very much in the Jason Newsted/Steve Harris vein, which is as it should be. There is also a pleasing thrash metal influence, which is appropriate, as the thrash movement got a lot of inspiration from the NWOBHM (Venom, Diamond Head, Tank and more). Overall, Laugh At The Fakes have got great songs, great chops, and a great sound of their own, superb production too. Awesome, and they deserve to be heard! Loudly!” – Hellbound“Right away Laugh At The Fakes hits you right in the face with their brand of Heavy Metal. Showing no mercy when it comes to over dubs they lay it all out on the line and even prove this theory when you see them play live. If you think this album is killer and you may question the killer riffs, then you have to see these guys live to prove your theories wrong. I have seen Everett a few times live now and I’m telling you right now that what you hear is what you get live.” Kingston Music Reviews



“One thing I like about Laugh at the Fakes is their ability to build intelligent thrash metal parts into their songs, for example the whole second half of Death Awaits which would make Death Angel envious… In other words, the Toronto band knows their metal history very well, and is convincingly able to balance it with a heavy dose of rock. There are other subtle influences injected here and there, for example the prog elements on the brilliant “Fighthing Dirty”, one of my highlights on the album; and the band is able to top this with remarkable catchiness, for example the lead guitar section and chorus in “Got No Regrets”. Produced by Greg Dawson and mastered by Andy VanDette (Rush, Dream Theatre, Bruce Dickinson, Deep Purple), Dethrone the Crown has a massive profesionnal production that pushes barriers and suggests that LATF has the foundations to play arenas and other big venues. This is serious stuff to chew on.” – Metal Made In Canada


“you will find rich melodies combined with the rich metal sound that will take you back to your head banging days….Some of the most noticeable metal sounding tracks on the whole album where you might just catch yourself head banging- are that of “Death Awaits” and  “Fighting Dirty.” Alongside these tracks, the title track of “Dethrone the Crown” throws catchy rifts, along with showcasing the skills of drummer Christopher Avalos, continuing to draw you into the album from start to finish…Dethrone the Crown is no laughing matter. This album offers something for everyone that enjoys rock music including the older generations who feel that the music from the childhood is no longer existent. Get out there and see what they are about.” – The Front Row Report


“I like this band because I never know quite what to expect…Particularly interesting are the slightly high-pitched and melodic vocals. There’s almost a Triumph-like vibe at work here (remember Triumph?).I think that fans of classic metal played with a contemporary twist will enjoy this one.The title track—”Dethrone the Crown”—is well worth a listen. “Killing Time” is also very strong.” Sea of Tranquility


“Take the Scorpions’ voice and put it to a heavier Alice in Chains sound and shake it vigorously. What comes out are the sounds of Laugh at the Fakes. Listening to this band is like listening to all the colours of the seasons; sitting and hearing the different tones and changes pulls me into the song as it sits beside me and revolves around my brain. These Toronto guys show us that the new generation of metal is no joke.” – Horror Metal Sounds


“It’s a delightfully refreshing sound moving between the old Audrey Horne, a bit of Mastodon and moderated 

Megadeth. Danko Jones shimmers through here and there and the lightly flair of NWOBHM hovers above all but 

apart from that the guys are doing their own sound. Fucking awesome guitars work magic rocking riffs beeing sometimes hardly shredding somtimes light-footed. But above all the whole thing sounds smart and considered on their independence. That is why Laugh At The Fakes is in contrast to the majority of bands in this days and age. Everything sounds solid and isn’t produced to be on the safe side. The vocalist also knows what he is doing and creates awesome hooks with his pipes.

Conclusion: One should keep an eye on this combo. I wish them success and I hope we will listen to more music of Laugh At The Fakes in future because they could set the world on fire. Next time they get the fully 10 but for know we should beware of praising them too high, hahaha!” – Metal Only


“The first thing that comes to mind when listening to this album for me is, ironically, head banging, because that’s what I was doing as I listened to it. The entire album keeps up the ante and definitely doesn’t get boring. My favourite songs from the album are “Death Awaits”, “Fighting Dirty” and “Harmonica Playing Man”. They all are very strong in every aspect; vocals, lyrics, bass, drums, guitar… basically all of it works together really well. For people who are into the classic rock bands and still love today’s metal will really enjoy this album. It is perfect fit to any playlist for people who are fans of either of these genres.” – Canadian Beats


“It’s like they are a hard rock band that likes to explore their thrashy-side too. I love it because I enjoy the catchy melodic vocals but at the same time I can bang my head pretty seriously too. You don’t hear albums like this one very often, if at all. I can’t really think of anything that comes close to being like this album as a whole. ”- Rock Music Critic


“I’ll admit, I laughed at the band name when I first heard it, but these guys are no joke.” –


“Laugh At The Fakes debut EP One Night Only proves that Melodic Vocals still can reign supreme in Metal albums.” – Kingston Music Reviews


“The first attraction to hit the stage was Rock/Metal band LAUGH AT THE FAKES, from Toronto, Ontario. Those guys play a nice mix of Rock N’ Roll, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, very old school but with a more polished sounding, and they surely entertained everyone already at Hard Rock Café before 9pm.” – The Headbanging Moose (concert review Indie Week 2014)



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