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R.I.Y.L. – Deftones, Of Mice & Men, Darkest Hour, Asking Alexandria,
Protest The Hero, Alexisonfire, Baptized In Blood

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QUARTERED Offer Free Download ‘Violent Love’ From Upcoming Album ‘Eyes And Ears’ + Playing Rain City Throwdown In Vancouver Sept 27th

Quartered - Press Photo - Credit Tyler Branston

L-R: Jeff Wang – Guitar | Greg Williams – Vocals | Craig Rudder – Bass | Scott Miller – Drums | Photo Credit – Tyler Branston

      Releasing their new album ‘Eyes And Ears’ on October 7th, Vancouver, BC’s QUARTERED returns to the spotlight to follow up 2010’s ‘Walk Like A Ghost’ that took the band on multiple Canadian and international tours, one of which saw them playing with Lamb of God and Testament at the 2010 Pulp Summer Slam festival (held in Manila, Philippines). The first single off the new release ‘Violent Love’ is now available as a FREE download for fans on at the following link:

“Violent Love is a song that hits you in the chest. It’s hard hitting with an emotional undertone of a past soured relationship. Not only is it an intense song musically but also emotionally.  As people we can all identify with the feeling. We felt it was important to come back with a song that people can relate to on a personal level.” comments vocalist Greg Williams.

Quartered’s focus has always been on conveying moody emotion and mixing heavy grooves, experimental riffs, and hook-laden bridges to paint a picture with lyrics that tell a story while keeping one major goal in mind: longevity.

With their last two full-length albums, The Falls of Autumn and Walks Like a Ghost, produced by Ben Kaplan (worked on projects with Mudvayne, Chevelle, Alexisonfire and Rise Against), the progressive metal band is ready to unleash its third record, Eyes and Ears co-produced by Royce Whittaker .

Album Cover - Quartered - Eyes And Ears - 2014

Track Listing – Quartered – Eyes And Ears (2014)

1. Blink Blink Flash (4:15)
2. Call Me Crazy (4:04)
3. Violent Love (3:02)
4. Speak of the Devil (4:07)
5. She Sees Colour (5:19)
6. Take Me There Tonight (3:52)
7. Echoes (3:55)
8. Ricochet (5:29)

Album Length: 34:06

In additional news, Quartered will be performing at this year’s third annual Rain City Throwdown presented by Denyss McKnight of Crowsnest Productions and Cariboo Brewing at the Rickshaw Theatre on Sept 27th in Vancouver, BC alongside bands Take The Earth Beneath Us, The Body Politic, Wolfborne, Drop The Hate. Full details can be found here.

“Rain City Throwdown was an event born out of support for the local metal scene.  With a lack of mediums for bands to gain exposure, this was a no-brainer. An event for us by us.  One night of the year where we showcase Vancouver talent.  This event has given the local heavier acts a chance to perform together for one night, on one stage, for the fans. See you at the front, bring them dancing shoes.” comments vocalist Greg Williams

Show Dates:

Sept 27 – Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theatre (Rain City Throwdown)


Thanks to a group of high school friends fusing their influences into one cohesive sound and the flip of a coin to help choose between band names, Vancouver progressive metal band Quartered’s moniker has certainly given itself meaning over the years.

Inspired by bands like Deftones, Tool and Thrice from early on – Quartered’s focus has always been on conveying moody emotion and mixing heavy grooves, experimental riffs, and hook-laden bridges to paint a picture with lyrics that tell a story while keeping one major goal in mind: longevity.

Following multiple Canadian and international tours, one of which saw them playing with Lamb of God and Testament at the 2010 Pulp Summer Slam festival (held in Manila, Philippines) and two full-length albums, The Falls of Autumn and Walks Like a Ghost, produced by Ben Kaplan (worked on projects with Mudvayne, Chevelle, Alexisonfire and Rise Against), Quartered is ready to unleash its third record, Eyes and Ears, on October 7th

Heavily influenced by “memories and how senses play a big part in connecting and helping us remember parts of our lives,” the title Eyes and Ears was chosen because “you can’t un-see the things you’ve witnessed and hearing is such a powerful way to trigger memories,” explains vocalist Greggor Williams.

Are you ready to open your eyes and ears to Quartered?

For more info, please visit the following links:

- 30 -

“Their intense brand of progressive metal is what’s lacking in music today, the real deal….Quartered is, hands down, one a a very few select bands in this country that will go somewhere.” – Danger, 99.3FM The Fox (Vancouver, BC)

“Their live show has the energy of Alexisonfire, while their music reminds me of early Deftones. They are definitely one of Vancouver’s top 5 heavy bands.” – Christian Aldred, Rednyne Productions (Vancouver, BC)

“…put them on stage – as in their upcoming CD release performance at Vancouver’s media club – and they’ll win new converts with their sheer impassioned intensity alone.” – Peach Arch News (Surrey, BC)

“Quartered has an amazing history and accomplishments. On tour constantly and having tracks on Rockband are only a couple of great things this band has done… Great refined sound of a modern hard rock band. Elements of prog rock mixed in with metal to create a blend tastes which just flow into ones ears. Catchy hooks and sick riffs rekindled my love for Quartered as they blew away the crowd. Using boxes crafted to house lights to shoot up at them as they played they looked and sounded amazing. I could see Quartered rock a small venue, a theatre or even an arena and you would still get such an intimate feeling with such a personable band. ” – Hammer Records (Live Review)

“The perfect blend of brutality, melody and catchy hooks made for the perfect metal storm. Self described as progressive, Quartered never let the energy fall below maximum during their entire set. Through the constant tempo changes, occasional time signature madness and swift vocal style change ups they were proving that hype means nothing when all you’ve got is talent and the ability of writing a great and memorable metal song. So many bands, even seasoned veterans, lack stage presence but Quartered could write a how-to book on the subject. Engaging and attention grabbing, these guys know how to put on a show. Its not very often you see a band live, hearing them for the first time, and there is not a single thing to complain about. There is just something so intriguing with their hybrid sound of “Alive or Just Breathing” era Killswitch Engage and the progressive flair of Tool. With the peaks and valleys woven into their sound it keeps all eyes on stage at all times and all ears forever open, and that is something the night had been missing.” – Metal Underground (Live Review)

“Somewhere along the inspiration of other Canadian screamos Alexisonfire, see for yourself by listening to their newest single “Casa”” – Vancouver Music Review.

“Screamo modern metal with a complexed progressive edge is what I call this style of music from Vancouver based hard hitters Quartered.” – Fireworks Magazine

‘Walks Like A Ghost’ is an album packed with the perfect mix of heaviness and melody, creating songs that contain elements of progressive metal, post-rock, metalcore, and in some short instances; alternative doom.” – Metal Underground

“They are not only one of the most talented bands I have had the honour of working with but are flexible, easy to deal with and I have never received anything other than the best reviews from venues that have hosted them with multiple requests to have them return again.”- Leanne Harrison, Sin Agency

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RIYL =  Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, August Burns Red, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I

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Out Now! WHERE GIANTS ONCE STOOD New EP ‘Live Above'; New Music Video ‘Living In Security’


Jordan Turnbull – Lead Guitar/Back Up Vocals,  Reshaun Page – Lead Vocals ,  Scott Major – Rhythm Guitar/ Back  Up Vocals , Austin Hamilton- Drums  – Photo Credit – Logan Swinkels

The giants stand tall as Toronto, ON’s metalcore quartet Where Giants Once Stood release their sophomore EP ‘Live Above’ produced by Jon Howard of Threat Signal, out today, September 2nd to follow 2013’s ‘The Changing’ EP’. The four new tracks on this EP take Where Giants Once Stood’s signature sound of scorching guitar work, “assaultive underbeats” and “drill-sergeant vocals” to soaring new heights as it has already debut on the top 10 iTunes Canada metal charts.

iTunes –

“We’re beyond excited to release our second EP in a year. This time we truly feel these songs are more mature sounding than our previous work. Looking forward to hearing the feedback on this one, and we’d also like to thank everyone for all the support we’ve received from the Living in Security music video.” comments vocalist Reshaun Page.

Music Video – Living In Security (an anthem for taking control of your own destiny, and deconstructs small-town complacency to showcase the band’s most creatively ambitious material to date.) –

Soundcloud stream – Living In Security –

where giants once stood - 'living in security' official music video

EP COVER - Where Giants Once Stood - Live Above 2014

Track Listing – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above

1. Living in Security (4:27)

2. Illuminate (4:54)

3. The Damaged (4:08)

4. Myths Lies And Crimes (5:20)

EP Length: 18:51

For more info, please visit the following links:




Great heavy metal doesn’t waste time, and Where Giants Once Stood have hit the ground running. This July, the Toronto metallers return with the video for their new single ‘Living in Security’, filmed on location in Toronto and directed by LoganSwinkels of Logan Lights Creative. An anthem for taking control of your own destiny, ‘Living in Security’ deconstructs small-town complacency and showcases the band’s most creatively ambitious material to date.

‘Living in Security’ is the first single to be taken from the new EP Live Above, due for release September 2, 2014. Live Above is the natural successor to 2013’s The Changing EP, which tore onto the iTunes metal charts in July 2013 with a debut at no.2, earning critical praise, sponsorship from Ernie Ball and a place on SoundSHOCK’s “Best of 2013” feature along the way. The four new tracks take Where Giants Once Stood’s signature sound of scorching guitar work, “assaultive underbeats” and“drill-sergeant vocals” to soaring new heights, thanks to incendiary production by Jon Howard of Threat Signal. “Since we started up last year, we’ve grown so much as musicians, as songwriters and as performers”, reveals lead guitarist Jordan Turnbull. “We knew the sound of this new material had to be something special to reflect that, and Jon Howard’s production has really taken the Giants sound to the next level!”

The release of Live Above will see W.G.O.S. hit the road this summer for their third independently-booked tour of Eastern Canada, as the band move from city to city and strength to strength to prove themselves as genuine contenders in the Canadian metal scene. For lead vocalist Reshaun Page, touring is a call-to-arms: “Now we’ve arrived, we’re not going anywhere! Canadian audiences are some of the best in the world, and we can’t wait to show metal fans the new material with our heaviest live shows yet!”

While W.G.O.S. have been winning fans on home turf with their frenetic live shows that have seen them share the stage with bands such as Chelsea Grin and Born of Osiris, social media is equally important to the band’s ethos as they use their online presence to connect with metal fans across the globe. Theirstellar YouTube channel featuring everything from interviews and lyric videos to exclusive cover songs and blistering instrumental playthroughs, while their Instagram and Twitter feeds provide to-the-minute studio and live updates. Guitarist Scott Major explains, “Whether it’s keeping up with us on tour through Twitter or rocking with us on YouTube, we want you to get the full Giants experience wherever you are!” [Bio by James Harding]

- 30 -

“Where Giants Once Stood deliver fully on this energy packed EP but atop that, it is the band’s musical wit that makes Live Above an EP that stands out among others in the genre. Where Giants Once Stood is definitely a band to keep your eye on.” – We Love Metal

“This album is nothing but a delight to listen to, with 19 minutes of pure rowchy metalcore, once it’s over it only leaves us begging for more… Brilliant melodic metalcore very well built! The guitar work on this album is simply genius, twin guitar harmonies, dropped palm muted riffs, gut bustin legatos oh my god! That rocks so much! Vocals are both guttural and clean which is the main foundation of metalcore but usually in this kind of album the clean parts somehow annoy me but not in this one! It fits, it’s everything from classic melodic metal “a la” Iron Maiden to more contemporary brutality it’s just plain awesome!” – The Blood Shed

“Yeah, this EP (Live Above) is flawless in every way it deserves all the marbles it can! Great songs, great performance, great musicianship, great production… Nothing else to say… This is flawless!” – Canadian Beats

“A self-released offering with a mix of guttural growls, screams and clean vocals that are very reminiscent of early Killswitch Engage and The Human Abstract. Their style is very much their own however incorporating a bit of the technical guitar riffs with the heavy metal chugging, all of which blends well with smooth flowing bass lines and pounding drums that are sure to get you head-banging upon first listen.” – Damnation Magazine

“Yeah, this EP (Live Above) is flawless in every way it deserves all the marbles it can! Great songs, great performance, great musicianship, great production… Nothing else to say… This is flawless!” – Canadian Beats

“This modern approach will certainly hold a lot of appeal to younger Metal fans, there are some good vocals from Reshaun Page, a mix of gutturals, screams and cleans and the balance between the two is about right, not too many cleans, which were a touch emotive for my personal tastes but nonetheless very well executed, the guy has a great voice and a phenomenal range. What did really appeal to me, personally, were the technical elements to the guitars from Jordan Turnbull, altogether the combination making a good debut release. ” – Metal Talk (Review of The Changing 2013)

“Ringing guitars flanked by an assaultive underbeat and drill sergeant vocals combine to create a winning album by a band not afraid of hard work.” – New Canadian Music (Review of The Changing 2013)
“Where Giants Once Stood is a veritable Canadian metal force. A group who have a fairly good handle on mixing cleans and growls this band is simply fun to listen too. Their crazed riffs help to inspire circle pit starting fury in my heart and make me want to headbang until I throw my back out. Meanwhile the crushing playing on songs like Heavens Tremble shows a touch of the classic hardcore attitude promising a face ripping good time. Their mix of furious riffs and super technical solos is not to be missed.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews (Review of The Changing 2013)



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Break Out the Champagne! Out Now NEW JACOBIN CLUB’s New Album ‘Soldiers of The Mark’

September 5 – Sept 27 Across Western Canada 

(Clockwise starting from the top right)
The Horde – vocals/guitar , Mistress Nagini – backing vocals/keyboard, The Ruin – bass, The Luminous – cello, Rat King – drums, Poison Candi – Vocals/theremin/percussion
Photo credit: Kathryn Trembach

   Saskatoon’s six piece punk rock cabaret The New Jacobin Club, a staple for nearly 20 years on the Canadian music scene as a must see bucket list band for their unbelievable gothic freak show performances, theatrical storylines, and multi-instrumentals (cello, theremien, keyboard, etc.) return with their latest creation ‘Soldiers of The Mark’ out today, September 2nd. Featuring ten hard hitting freak show tracks offered digitally on Amazon, HMV, iTunes, Bandcamp, plus exclusively available via the band’s web store, the band is offering a 15 track deluxe edition of the album, vinyl and a hard cover companion book with a collection of the band’s lyrics, translations, concert posters, live photos, concept art plus contributions from Canadian artists Jess Thamnos, Kathyrn Trembach and Candiac Grosenick.

Horde (guitar/vocals) comments:

“This album is most collaborative thing we’ve ever done, and I think it’s the first time every member of this group has had their own musical voice shine through on a studio recording. Sharing lead vocals with Candi and working much more closely with Luminous on the string arrangements made the whole writing and recording process as exciting as if it was the first album we ever did.”

RatKing (drums) comments:

“As chaotic and unique as this band and its members are, when we play together we all somehow end up on the same page. I feel as though that really shows on this record.”

Soldiers of the Mark Book small

Soldiers of the Mark – 2014 – Track listing:

  1. The Mark (4:02)
  2. Parade of Innocents (4:41)
  3. Champagne Ivy(4:00)
  4. Angel MMXIV (2:48)
  5. A Grey Day to Die (3:53)
  6. Into the Fire (5:26)
  7. Garthim (3:58)
  8. My Smile (2:47)
  9. Seal of Metatron  (3:50)
  10. Return to Eden (2:46)

Album Length:  38:15

‘Champagne Ivy’ (single) is now streaming on Youtube:

NJC will also embarking across Western Canada including their hometown of Saskatoon for a CD Release at Amigos with Lavagoat and Hell Hounds on September 12, 2014 in promotion of their release.

Tour Dates:

September 5, 2014 – Dickens Pub – Calgary, AB – Event Link

September 12, 2014 – Amigos Cantina – Saskatoon, SK – Event Link

*September 27, 2014 –Broadway Theatre – Saskatoon, SK – Event Link (*Special note about Sept 27, 2014 – New Jacobin Club will be the feature performer for the 2014 Saskatoon Zombie Walk and Saskatoon Fantastic Film Festival.)

October 25, 2014 – German Club Main Stage – Regina, SK

For more information, please visit the following links:



Outcasts among wise men and fools alike, the New Jacobin Club is a fiendish group of musicians, poets, painters and performance artists who have been entertaining and provoking since the mid 1990’s. Combining seedy bohemian stage theatrics with bombastic art rock anthems has given the long lived ensemble a shocking and original edge that has attracted as much heated controversy as it has fiercely loyal fans.

Beginning as a power trio based in the Western Canadian city of Saskatoon, the New Jacobin Club signed to U.S. indie label Transparent Records in 1998 and released “A Lesson in Mortality”.   In 2003 “Retake the Throne,” their second full length album, became a minor Canadian college radio hit, creeping on to the national top 100 chart by the year’s end. By 2009, the NJC had become infamous for their provocative live show featuring unsettling freakshow stunts and what would become signature pyro tricks such as “exploding” cymbals and lighting microphone stands on fire. They released the epic gothic rock-opera “This Treason” the following year accompanied with “Inside the Cannibal Circus,” a DVD complete with concept video, live concert and candid documentary style footage. The double disc set was met with even more college radio success and sparked strong opinions from critics in Canada and worldwide.

The group is led by founding father and roaring frontman Xerxes Praetorius Horde (“The Horde” to his allies), singing opposite Poison Candi (theremin, percussion, vocals) and backed by The Luminous (electric cello),The Ruin (bass), The Rat King (drums) and Mistress Nagini (backing vocals, synth) . On stage the band is often joined by a colorful cast of collaboraters including performance artists Firecrotch Jones, Raunchy Rabies, Rima the Birdgirl, and drummer/programmer Eclipse.

Described as “Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought” (Exclaim! Canada’s independent music authority), “Energizing and engaging” (PureGrain Audio, USA) and “a gloriously black exercise in dark psychedelia” (BCFM Sunday Rock Show Review, UK), the New Jacobin Club never tire of dancing on genre boundaries with nods to classic goth, 70’s rock, power metal, blues, somber folk and even a hint of danceable industrial funk. The NJC has shared the stage with KMFDM, Voltaire, the Groovie Ghoulies, Nashville Pussy, the Nekromantix and countless others. Their signature vocal hooks and riffs have propelled them onto local and national Canadian independant radio charts, several movie soundtracks and even their own cable televised acoustic special.

Now in 2014, the band returns with their next shocker ‘Soldiers of The Mark’ due out on September 2nd as a self-release sure to make your ears cringe with its ten tracks of insanity. Along with this release, NJC are offering fans a very special and limited edition “Soldiers of the Mark” hardcover coffee-table format lyric book. It will be a joint effort with Calgary, AB based RunRabbit Entertainment. RunRabbit is notable for their independent short films (“Lilith” premiered at the 2013 Calgary Horrorcon and featured music by the New Jacobin Club prominently in the soundtrack) as well as their dark and provocatively themed photography. The book will contain not only the complete lyrics to the album, but an introduction, brief commentary written by band members and entourage, and full album credits. Contributing visual artists include Jess Thamnos (responsible for the iconic and menacing album cover ), Kathryn Trembach (band photographer) and Candice Grosenick (graphic artist behind the band’s concert posters and merchandise).

First editions of the book will be available by pre-order only and will include a special digital album download featuring the regular 10 song album plus 8 more bonus tracks. The deluxe 18 track version of the album will only be available directly from and with the limited edition book.


“Their newest album, Soldiers of the Mark, is chock full of complex arrangements that utilize all of these instruments along with a headbanging rhythm section of guitar, bass and drums that often lead in to a chorus of both male and female vocals singing in harmony. Just as your mother always told you, never judge a book by it’s cover. Before you realize it, you’ll be headbanging along as you progress through Soldiers of the Mark. ” – Damnation Mag

“The band hits hard and heavy, giving you a kick to the forehead and making you notice them and the great talent that is on display here. This is an album that brings different sounds and genres together to make a glorious racket.” – Altered Frequencies

“Fiery and imposing while still retaining a degree of intelligence and fore-thought.” – Exclaim!

“Energizing and engaging!” – Pure Grain Audio

“a gloriously black exercise in dark psychedelia” – The BCFM Sunday Rock Show Review (UK)

“Worthy of a listen, if only to fuel your desire to see their amazing live show, which may change the way you see music forever.” BC Musician

“…a patchwork of Frankenstein of diverse influences, dueling guitars, enormous synths, pounding drums and bass, and most important, what really sets it apart – incredible musicianship.” – Planet S Mag

“…staright out of the Glenn Danzig (Misfits era) tradition – though much more engaging than Danzig ever was… If you ever wondered what Gwar’s interpretation of The Rocky Horror Picture Show might be like, The New Jacobin Club has your answer.” – Harvest Moon Music

“Romps with a breath that is vibrant and refreshing…wonderfully flamboyant, theatrical and wicked.” – Ring Master Review


Originally posted on Altered Frequencies:

Champagne Ivy cover art

Since forming in the mid-90’s as a three-piece, New Jacobin Club has shared the stage with KMFDM, Voltaire, The Groovie Ghoulies, Nashville Pussy, and The Nekromantix and gotten more interesting as time passed. By incorporating an electric cello, keyboards, synthesizers and even a theremin, The New Jacobin Club created an unique sound that bounces back and forth between the genres of punk, goth, hard rock, and metal.

“The Mark” kicks things off and has a tight mix of metal and goth with a touch of punk that really gets you in the mood for a hard-hitting collection of songs. The dual vocals really add to the song, as well as the theremin giving a nice spooky touch to the song. “Champagne Ivy” has a great groove and the band brings in the male / female vocals to a great harmonizing effect. The song just picks you up and pushes you into the more punk…

View original 116 more words

Beginning at 8pm – All of this week! Double Experience will be featured on Generation Next on Oshawa’s 94.9 The Rock -