1 DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 The Physical World Warner Brothers
2 IN THE NAME OF HAVOC 1180 [EP] Self-Released
3 CRIMSON SHADOWS Kings Among Men Napalm
4 HAUNTED Exit Wounds Century Media
5 PAROXYSM Voracite Self-Released
6 ROYAL BLOOD Royal Blood Warner Brothers
7 ALESTORM Sunset On The Golden Age Napalm Records
8 CODE ORANGE I Am King Deathwish
9 VIATHYN  Cynosure Self-Released
10 YOB  Clearing The Path To Ascend Neurot
11 CHEMICAL MISUSE Follow the Light Outspoken Records
12 DOG FASHION DISCO Sweet Nothings Rotten Records
13 STRIKER  City of Gold Napalm
14 FALLUJAH The Flesh Prevails Unique Leader
15 IRON REAGAN Voracite Relapse
16 NORILSK  Japetus EP Self-Released
17 ENTOMBED AD Back to the Front Century Media
18 PROTOKULT No Beer in Heaven Self-Released
19 EXPAIN Just the Tip Self-Released
20 UNBEING Raptus EP  Self-Released
21 LAIKA Somnia Self-Released
22 MUTILATION RITES Harbringer Prosthetic
23 SUDDEN FLAMES Under the Sign of Alliance    Self-Released
24 ORACULUM Sorcery of the Damned Invictus


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Montreal, QC – September 22, 2014

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RIYL =  Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, August Burns Red, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I

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WHERE GIANTS ONCE STOOD Announce Ontario Show Dates: New EP ‘Live Above'; New Music Video ‘Living In Security’


Jordan Turnbull – Lead Guitar/Back Up Vocals,  Reshaun Page – Lead Vocals ,  Scott Major – Rhythm Guitar/ Back  Up Vocals , Austin Hamilton- Drums  – Photo Credit – Logan Swinkels

     Toronto, ON’s metalcore quartet Where Giants Once Stood announce they will be performing Ontario show dates in October in promotion of their new EP ‘Live Above’ produced by Jon Howard of Threat Signal and released on September 2nd. The four new tracks on this EP take Where Giants Once Stood’s signature sound of scorching guitar work, “assaultive underbeats” and “drill-sergeant vocals” to soaring new heights to follow up the band’s 2013 EP ‘The Changing’.

iTunes –

Music Video – Living In Security (an anthem for taking control of your own destiny, and deconstructs small-town complacency to showcase the band’s most creatively ambitious material to date.) –

Soundcloud stream – Living In Security –

Show Dates:

September 30 – Toronto, ON – Hard Luck Bar w/ Affiance, Phinehas, Last of a Dying Breed, Mirrelia, Milk Room, The 49th Parallel

October 3 – Belleville, ON – Belleville Pub – FilthFest w/ Drag The Lake, Signifier, Greta Knights, Enter Euphoria, Harbors, Of Vice And Vultures, Greylights, This Burning City, High Minded

October 10 – London, ON – Richmond Tavern w/ Last Scattering, Esoteric Doctrine, Mammoth Seed

Oct 31 – Oshawa, ON – Diezel Room w/ Enter Euphoria, Sinew Sunder, Fallen Legion, Backlash

EP COVER - Where Giants Once Stood - Live Above 2014

Track Listing – Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above

1. Living in Security (4:27)

2. Illuminate (4:54)

3. The Damaged (4:08)

4. Myths Lies And Crimes (5:20)

EP Length: 18:51

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Great heavy metal doesn’t waste time, and Where Giants Once Stood have hit the ground running. This July, the Toronto metallers return with the video for their new single ‘Living in Security’, filmed on location in Toronto and directed by LoganSwinkels of Logan Lights Creative. An anthem for taking control of your own destiny, ‘Living in Security’ deconstructs small-town complacency and showcases the band’s most creatively ambitious material to date.

‘Living in Security’ is the first single to be taken from the new EP Live Above, due for release September 2, 2014. Live Above is the natural successor to 2013’s The Changing EP, which tore onto the iTunes metal charts in July 2013 with a debut at no.2, earning critical praise, sponsorship from Ernie Ball and a place on SoundSHOCK’s “Best of 2013” feature along the way. The four new tracks take Where Giants Once Stood’s signature sound of scorching guitar work, “assaultive underbeats” and“drill-sergeant vocals” to soaring new heights, thanks to incendiary production by Jon Howard of Threat Signal. “Since we started up last year, we’ve grown so much as musicians, as songwriters and as performers”, reveals lead guitarist Jordan Turnbull. “We knew the sound of this new material had to be something special to reflect that, and Jon Howard’s production has really taken the Giants sound to the next level!”

The release of Live Above will see W.G.O.S. hit the road this summer for their third independently-booked tour of Eastern Canada, as the band move from city to city and strength to strength to prove themselves as genuine contenders in the Canadian metal scene. For lead vocalist Reshaun Page, touring is a call-to-arms: “Now we’ve arrived, we’re not going anywhere! Canadian audiences are some of the best in the world, and we can’t wait to show metal fans the new material with our heaviest live shows yet!”

While W.G.O.S. have been winning fans on home turf with their frenetic live shows that have seen them share the stage with bands such as Chelsea Grin and Born of Osiris, social media is equally important to the band’s ethos as they use their online presence to connect with metal fans across the globe. Theirstellar YouTube channel featuring everything from interviews and lyric videos to exclusive cover songs and blistering instrumental playthroughs, while their Instagram and Twitter feeds provide to-the-minute studio and live updates. Guitarist Scott Major explains, “Whether it’s keeping up with us on tour through Twitter or rocking with us on YouTube, we want you to get the full Giants experience wherever you are!” [Bio by James Harding]

- 30 -

Where Giants Once Stood – Live Above (2014)

RIYL =  Avenged Sevenfold, The Human Abstract, August Burns Red, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, As I Lay Dying, Miss May I

Release Date: September 2, 2014

Distribution: Online = Tunecore,  iTunes

“Where Giants Once Stood deliver fully on this energy packed EP but atop that, it is the band’s musical wit that makes Live Above an EP that stands out among others in the genre. Where Giants Once Stood is definitely a band to keep your eye on.” – We Love Metal


“Whether the Live Above EP is your introduction to Where Giants Once Stood or the next instalment on the journey already embraced, it thrusts the band to a new dramatic and impressive status within metal. Canada’s creative sons could and should be devoured by the wide metal world thanks to the EP” – Ring Master Review


“Canada has always had talented heavy metal and extreme metal bands take to the world’s stage and show off their killers talents, and Where Giants Once Stood are no exception to the rule. This quartet from Toronto, Canada plays a catchy and memorable style of heavy metal with an aggressive edge to their songs. This e.p. features four tracks that’ll want to make you stage dive with their headbanging rhythms and a drumming style that only adds more fire power to this quartet’s heavy metal music.” – Explicitly Intense


“This is great Canadian Metal and if you’re looking for something new look no further, WHERE GIANTS ONCE STOOD are new to the turf but will soon make it their own that’s for sure. If you like the idea of a ton of different sections of metal coming together to form one monster then this is it.” – Metal Temple


“This album is nothing but a delight to listen to, with 19 minutes of pure rowchy metalcore, once it’s over it only leaves us begging for more… Brilliant melodic metalcore very well built! The guitar work on this album is simply genius, twin guitar harmonies, dropped palm muted riffs, gut bustin legatos oh my god! That rocks so much! Vocals are both guttural and clean which is the main foundation of metalcore but usually in this kind of album the clean parts somehow annoy me but not in this one! It fits, it’s everything from classic melodic metal “a la” Iron Maiden to more contemporary brutality it’s just plain awesome!” – The Blood Shed


“Yeah, this EP (Live Above) is flawless in every way it deserves all the marbles it can! Great songs, great performance, great musicianship, great production… Nothing else to say… This is flawless!” – Canadian Beats


“A self-released offering with a mix of guttural growls, screams and clean vocals that are very reminiscent of early Killswitch Engage and The Human Abstract. Their style is very much their own however incorporating a bit of the technical guitar riffs with the heavy metal chugging, all of which blends well with smooth flowing bass lines and pounding drums that are sure to get you head-banging upon first listen.” – Damnation Magazine


“Live Above is a four-song EP. Where Giants Once Stood doesn’t go into preliminaries: an EP has a short duration and they don’t want to waste any time showing what they’re capable of. “Living in Secrity” immediately catches the attention with its guitar solo à-la-Unearth and its clean vocals à-la-Avenged Sevenfold during the chorus.” – Metal Made In Canada


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Montreal, QC – September 22, 2014

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R.I.Y.L. – D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies, Megadeth, Metallica, Faith No More, Motorhead, Pantera, Slayer, Anthrax, Overkill, Exodus

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 Download Album Lyrics – Mutank – M.E.C.H. Metal – 2014 | Download Album Cover

NEWS: Thrashers MUTANK Playing Inferno Fest 2 + Halloween Show Dates (Montreal, Quebec City)

Press Photo – L to R:  Liam Hinchey- Lead Guitar | Steven Breen – Rhythm Guitar | Ahmed Saad – Drums | Stephen Reynolds – Vocals and Bass | Photo Credit – Mihaela Petrescu

      Coming off this past weekend’s Montreal show with legendary punk band Dayglo Abortions and their first show since returning from Wacken Open Air, thrashers and Wacken Metal Battle Canada champions MUTANK announce additional show dates in Montreal and Quebec City that includes Inferno Fest 2, Hello-Ween Fest 5 and a music video release party for their track ‘Corporate Child’, which is off their latest album ‘M.E.C.H. Metal’ released in early 2014 that is available as a pay what you want download on bandcamp plus audio cassette.

Show Dates:

October 18 – Montreal, QC – Katacombes – INFERNO FEST 2 w/ Entropy, Black Absinthe, Canceric, Joe Thrasher, Chemical Way, Powered By Death

October 31 – Montreal, QC – Piranha Bar – Celtic Society Presents: Heavy Metal Halloween/Mutank Video release party w/ Sleazy Way Out, Venomenon, Leather Up Your Ass (80’s heavy metal tribute band feat. members of Ex Deo, Ashes of Eden, Mürtenscythe, Dungeon Works Productions, and MUTANK)

November 1 – Quebec City – Salle Unisson – Hell-oween Fest 5 w/ Leather Up Your Ass (80’s heavy metal tribute band feat. members of Ex Deo, Ashes of Eden, Mürtenscythe, Dungeon Works Productions, and MUTANK), Ordoxe, Merdarahta (Current & ex-members of Fuck The Facts), Deche-Charge, Smirking Revenge

Live Video – Running Reds (Wacken Open Air) -

Music Video – The Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock’ –

For more info on Mutank, please visit the following links:

Album Stream –

Track Listing: M.E.C.H. Metal

1. M.E.C.H Metal (2:04)
2. MUTANK (4:03)
3. Minions (3:49)
4. W.A.R. (1:57)
5. Heavy Hand of The Doomsday Clock (3:38)
6. No Spoils, No Mercy (2:48)
7. Corporate Child (2:35)
8. Thrashback In Time (4:02)

Total Time: 25:00


Formed when three Newfoundlanders crossed paths in the Canadian heavy metal capital with Ahmed Saad who hails from the Middle East, the injection of music immediately began to flow through their veins and M.E.C.H. metal was soon born.

“It stands for Middle East Coast Heavy Metal; Our drummer being from the Middle East and the rest of the members being from the east coast of Canada,” explains Stephen Reynolds (bass, vocals). ‘Every single person in this band is a songwriter, so the songs come out with their own feel and develop naturally.’ continues Reynolds. ‘We don’t shackle ourselves to any kind of focused idea, which brings about a sort of honesty in the music not often found in metal.’

- 30 -

“they play good-natured thrash a la Overkill and Exodus… perfectly serviceable and enjoyable, definitely more effective when they are playing fast.” – Decibel Mag

“WAR is a vicious sonic attack… [M.E.C.H. Metal] it’s a ferocious delight.” – Powerplay Magazine UK

“[MUTANK] fuse old school speed metal and present day crossover thrash into one package of fun.” – Metalhorizons

“MUTANK is like a Coffee Crisp bar: crunchy as hell, and without any gooey center.” – Bucket List Music Reviews

“Fans of old school speed metal and more metallically oriented crossover thrash should check out the compact and intense 25-minute speedbomb that is “M.E.C.H. Metal”.” – Metal Music Archives

“I personally think [M.E.C.H. Metal] could be contender for best album of the year!”- High Speed Hangover

“M.E.C.H. Metal is fast. Of course, the dual guitars’ riffs are aggressive and complementary; and drums are as constant as the caterpillars tracks of a tank; but the album gets its real flavour via the pace of the songs and their short and simple structure. Ranging from 1:57 to 4:03, this is an album that explodes in our face in less than 25 minutes, with a remarkable intensity.” – Metal Made In Canada

Aug 2014 - Powerplay magazine - review - MUTANK - M.E.C.H. METAL

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