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Montreal, QC – September 24, 2014

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NEWS: Sing Along To ‘Get Me A Beer!’ New Lyric Video By Prog Folk Metallers PROTOKULT; New Album Out ‘No Beer In Heaven’ + Ontario Show Dates


Top L-R: Dawid Slowiak (Bass) – Mike Matveev (Drums),  Ekaterina Pyatkova (Vocals, Woodwinds, Synthesizer) – Martin Drozd (Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer) – Jeremy Jackson aka Vodnik (Guitar) – Photo Credit: Danielle Griscti

     Sing along with beer drinking progressive folk metallers PROTOKULT and their new lyric video for their track ‘Get Me A Beer!”, the perfect song for any metal karaoke party! The drinking anthem is off the band’s new album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ released on August 8th.

“For those of you who can’t understand what the hell Martin is spewing, now is your chance to sing along! Get yourself a cold one and enjoy!” comments Protokult’s vocalist and woodwinds performer Ekaterina Pyatkova.

Lyric Video – Get Me A Beer! –

protokult- get me a beer! (lyric video)

In additional new PROTOKULT will be performing the following Ontario show dates opening for Cauldron in Oshawa on October 10th, playing Metal Divas Fest in Toronto on November 29th and supporting Skull Fist in St. Catharines on December 6th.

Upcoming dates:

October 10 - Oshawa, ON – Simcoe Blues & Jazz – w/ Cauldron, AxMinister, Basalisk, Kryptokultus – Show Details

November 29 - Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club w/ Metal Divas Fest

December 6 - St. Catharines, ON – Mikado Lounge w/ Skull Fist, Last Scattering, Manacle

The Eastern European transplants now residing in Toronto, ON released their sophomore album ‘No Beer In Heaven’ on August 8th with their single ‘Get Me A Beer!’ pleasing beer fans around the globe. This follow up to 2011’s ‘Marzena’ EP and 2009’s debut ‘Ancestral Anthems’ has a beauty and the beast-like contrast between Ekaterina’s haunting vocals and the band’s metal onslaught, the album captures the reformed quintet at an all-time high, showcasing an impressive palette of twelve entirely new compositions, and straps the listener on an adventurous, heavy and experimental trek, diving into themes of drinking, history and human endeavor. The band unites their diverse cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for headbangers everywhere.

Bandcamp Album Stream –

Youtube Album Stream –

Get Me A Beer! – Music Video – 

protokult - get me a beer! (official music video)

Track Listing: Protokult – No Beer In Heaven

1. Get Me A Beer! (3:04)
2. Heaven Cast Me Out (4:04)
3. My Father’s Word (5:49)
4. Flight of The Winged Hussar (5:52)
5. Sol Intention (4:39)
6. Edge of Time (5:28)
7. Sanctuaries (2:04)
8. Desert Scourge (4:31)
9. Gorale (4:15)
10. Summer’s Ode (6:07)
11. Razbival Okovi Perun (1:26)
12. Water of Life (8:46)

Total Length: (56:12)

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Album Order –


- 30 -

“they’ve got a good sense of humor, and they sound top-notch” – Metal Sucks
“boozy blast of heathen prog” – Team Rock 
“Le metal a du talent.”  – Metal France
“If you’d like a taste of the brew Protokult has on tap, check out the eclectic, hoppy folk thrasher “Get Me a Beer”. Indeed this mix of traditional folk, thrash metal, death metal, and other genres will have you stomping your feet and drinking too fast.`- Yell Magazine
“The rousing opening track “Get Me A Beer” is alcohol-fueled folk metal with similarities to bands like Korpiklaani, but they have many other facets… It’s an extremely diverse album” – Heavy Metal.
“Ah this album was a pleasure to review. So many albums are a slog to get through, but I was sorry when No Beer In Heaven ended…All the band are excellent musicians and you can hear their joy at playing their music. Ekaterina Pvatlova brings another dimension to the band too; her vocals are nothing you’ve heard in metal before, and I love the touch she brings with the woodwind instruments…I love the track “Get Me A Beer” – it could be marketed as a cure for depression. Elsewhere, the contrast between folk and metal works very harmoniously: heavy and uplifting at the same time. Joyous stuff! The band also have a good sense of humour, and while they can be serious, this is an enjoyable life-affirming album to listen to, which is as it should be. Our lives are brief; we should try and enjoy our spell on this earth! I love the album artwork and presentation too. This is a band the world needs to hear more of. Highly recommended! – Hellbound
“a superb album. Protokult gives folk-metal a new nice dimension. Their progressive folk-metal approach is a very delicious one. Don’t let the ‘beer-titles’ fool you, the band goals are far beyond beer-humpaa. They’re far more serious, despite of the sometimes quite merry tunes. This is one of the best folk-metal albums I’ve heard this year” –
“Protokult is a colourful collective, made up of four guys and a lady…It is a versatile album…progressive twists and turns in the songs and surprising approaches.” – Lords of Metal
“The very second I started to listen to No Beer In Heaven and “Get Me A Beer” came on I was instantly hooked. Instantly Protokult kills it with a killer opening riff that is a combination of electric guitar and synthesizer. “Get Me A Beer” has one of the wildest mix of genres and styles that I have heard in quite some time.” – Kingston Music Reviews
“Let’s mark the list down, shall we: Awesome Folk music spanning different areas of sound and direction, check! Creative and art work based around an old fashioned beer hall, check! And last, but certainly not least, BEER themed music!!!!.” – Metal Temple
“Folk and metal comes together in a epic way with Protokult. The mix is perfect for the party and other festivity’s that needs a nice kick in the ass, like a metal heads funeral. Hooks, beer and the ever changing change ups makes this LP one for the books.” Tommy Tee – The Metal Factory on Insane Realm
“Although PROTOKULT is a Canadian-based group, the members come from various backgrounds (Polish, Irish, Russian, Czech) and the result is a marvellous mix of Canadian and international forces. The goal is to unite these cultures into one sound, balancing tradition and folklore with heavy, thrash and black metal for head-bangers everywhere.” – Demented Magazine
“Most bands go on the road to promote the CD and encourage fans to buy it but this album would actually encourage me to go and see the band. The music speaks and says that this band will be well worth watching live.” – Extreme Metal Television
“Anyone who has seen this band live knows that the beer maidens will be pouring potent potables into ever thirsty mouths at the front of the stage. Before this delightful feature comes to fruition, the fans come in close, sing along, and dance the metal jig during the pagan musical onslaught from the band. We are instantly transported to villages, and forests of another era.” – Metal Master Kingdom (Live Review)
“All in all No Beer In Heaven is an extra large package of dark folk metal here to drink and party with you. If you’re a folk fan, be sure to give them a listen. The album is a solid piece and an enjoyment to even non-folk fans. Oh, and they also love the ‘Water of Life’ (that is vodka if you didn’t know already).” – Two Guys Metal Reviews
“They belong amongst the ranks of bands like Moonsorrow and Skyforger…Almost every song twists and turns through several folk metal transformations, without ever tapping into cheesy or overly tired clichés.”- Metal Observer (2010 review for Ancestral Anthems)

“Their songs pulse and writhe like a sinuous living thing.”- Exclaim (2012 review of Marzena)

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