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Montreal, QC – September 25, 2014

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 RIYL = Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Mors Principium Est

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Decibel Magazine Premiere LAIKA’s New Album ‘Somnia’ Out Officially Sept. 30th On Filth Regime Records; Winnipeg CD Release Party Oct. 11th At Windsor Hotel 

Track Listing: Laika – Somnia
1. Restless Mind (1:31)
2. Escalation of Terror (4:26)
3. Somnia (5:26)
4. Fidelity (3:48)
5. Caligae A Galea (5:29)
6. Dream of Nothing (5:35)
7. The Immortal (3:52)
8. Predictions (Tide Bearer) (5:48)
9. Invaders (4:13)

Album Length: 40:12

     With the upcoming release of LAIKA’s new album ‘Somnia’ next week on Sept 30th via Filth Regime Records, the Canadian melodic death metallers have teamed up with Decibel Magazine for the exclusive album stream at the following link: 

“Long time coming to get to this point. Here it is. ‘Somnia’ in full. We are trying to find the words to express how ecstatic we are that its finally come. We have worked very hard in this album and we hope you enjoy it in full as much as we enjoyed creating it. We are proud to be teaming up with Decibel to bring you this full album stream.” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

Driven by a thirst for evolution, LAIKA spent two years constructing and writing its upcoming full-length album full with melodic hooks, ominous keys and lyrics that are bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads to an almost maddening degree.  Founded in 2009 and named after the Soviet dog who became one of the first animals to travel to space, the Winnipeg, MB six-piece return after a small hiatus since unleashing their self release in 2010 that saw the band hit the road hard and share the stage with the likes of All Shall Perish, Kataklysm, Necronomicon, Unleash the Archers and many more.  So brace yourself, as this fall, LAIKA will hit the scene hard, just like they did all those years ago.

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In additional news, the band will be hosting their local CD release party in Winnipeg, MB on October 11th at The Windsor Hotel (187 Garry Street) with local support from Tyrants Demise, Mortalis, Withdrawal, and Occvlt Hand. Admission is $10 with the first 25 people in the door receive a free copy of‘Somnia’.

“This is a momentous occasion for us all because not only are we celebrating the release of Somnia we are also celebrating 5 years as a band, we will be playing Somnia in full and a cover or two. We are absolutely thrilled to have such a stellar lineup for the evening.  Hope to see you all out for the grand celebration!” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

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“Laika combine the Gothenburg sound with a North American groove and intensity, the result is a giant slab of kick ass melodic death metal. Sommia the groups’ second full length release consists of 8 finely crafted songs and a dreamy and eloquent intro track called “The Restless Mind”. There some great guitar work on “Somnia” especially on tracks like “Fidelity” and the albums lone instrumental “Dream of Nothing”. The musicianship on this release is all-around solid. Vocalist Jordan Dorge has a powerful growl that cuts through the bands layered sound and the rhythm section add some crushing heaviness…a damn good melodic death metal album. If you like the classic Gothenburg sound do yourself a favor and pick up the latest release from Laika.” – Extreme Metal Television

“This Canadian sextet play old school inspired death metal, with synthesizer elements thrown in with the more melodic and heavier guitar parts. Laika, is not solely focused on playing fast and crazy, as their music contains tons of substance for starters, and their music is as unique as possible with synths used as a chilling backdrop to their progressive death metal.” – Explicitly Intense

“For an unsigned and independent band with only one other album under their belt, this really is a phenomenal release, and it really shines a light on how promising Laika’s future could be…the melodies and hooks they employ are the shining stars here.” – Metal Observer

“Melodic death metal after Dark Tranquillity’s heart with a touch of Dimmu Borgir for good measure.” – Eternal Terror

“We’ve been following the promising young group since 2011 and watching the development of this release with much anticipation.” – Metal Underground

“The track (Escalation of Terror) features tight riffs with old school influences injected into a modern approach.” – Bloody-Disgusting

“The music is energetic and soaring, building to an impassioned crescendo, but although it’s propelled by a flurry of jabbing, pulsating riffs, it also includes elements that aren’t exactly standard fare for melodic death metal — rock beats instead of blast beats, and a conjoining of rippling keyboards and grumbling bass notes that provide a captivating accent. Jordan Dorge’s mid-ranged, feral howls also provide a venomous edge without obscuring the lyrics. But what really seals the deal is the band’s knack for writing memorable melodies: “The Immortal” will stick in your head and beckon you back for more. It’s a strong teaser for a strong album.” - No Clean Singing

“Pounding Death Metal songs makes this album a worthwhile buy for the personal Death Metal collection.” – Metal-Only

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Malignance (CAN)
Aunque Canadá es uno de los sitios desde los que más material recibimos, creo que nunca nos había llegado Blackened Thrash Metal ¿Será porque en la Columbia Británica los Xul (Levi Meyers, Wallace Huffman, Bill Ferguson, Marlow Deiter y Lowell Winters) pese a ser jóvenes y debutantes no tienen competencia? Influenciados (alfabéticamente, para que nadie se ofenda) por Behemoth, Cryptopsy, Dissection, Emperor, Enslaved, Immortal, Vreid y Wintersun; Malignance suena siniestro, perverso; inmoral y retorcido como el Mal desatado sumando la arquitectura del Tech y la pompa del Atmospheric para que el mortal veneno de su pecado se vuelva irresistible. (8 tracks).
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