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Phoot – L-R:  Chris AhKao (guitar, vocals), Jason Kim (guitar), Peter Meluso (drums), Sri Rao (bass) – Photo credit:  Merissa Blitz

 DISPARAGER Announce NYC Show Dates ; New Drum Playthrough For ‘Pictures’ On

Brooklyn, NY’s DISPARAGER announces they will be performing two NYC show dates, one being a solo acoustic set by vocalist / guitarist Chris AhKao on Sept 1st at Piano’s followed by a date on October 8th at Black Bear Bar (full show details below).

The band recently teamed up with for the premiere of their new drum playthrough for their track ‘Pictures’ off their latest EP ‘Timeless, Ageless’produced by Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, H2O, American Nightmare, Polar Bear Club).

Vocalist/ guitarist Chris AhKao comments:

“Pictures is fun for us to play. It’s in 5/4 throughout, there’s 4/4 over 5/4 and 6/8 over 5/4 simultaneous polyrhythm stuff going on, and some metric modulation too.  Peter is one of the best drummers I’ve ever played with.  He’s pretty out there and challenges us as musicians.”

To view the video, please visit the following link:

Show Dates:

Monday, Sept 1

FREE show Chris AhKao solo acoustic @ Pianos

158 Ludlow St

New York, NY

DJ Sir Jarksberg 10pm

Chris AhKao 9pm

Ben Mckelvey 8pm

Wed Oct 8

City Lights Presents…

Disparager @ Black Bear Bar

Black Bear Bar

70 N 6th St

Brooklyn, NY




+1 TBA

Formed just last year, DISPARAGER has always had the crazy notion that music is art and that art is never a means to an end but an end in itself. As an extension of frontman Chris AhKao regaining his life from personal demons, this debut EP is a testament to that. Bursting with dense rawness and precision while pushing the boundaries of metal with tracks like “At Least I Still Have Bon Iver” – half folk song, half crushing mix of Isis and Slayer – and “Pictures” – a time signature mindfuck the band is proud NOT to call prog rock. The music is meant to showcase a refusal to settle, to compromise, to live any other life than that inspired by unwavering intent, self-expression and integrity.

EP Stream – Timeless, Ageless –

Song Stream – Tuesday Love –

Song Stream – R.I.P. Bill Hicks –

Acoustic Video – Gratitude –

Lyric Video – RIP Bill Hicks:

Album Cover - Disparager - Timeless, Ageless EP

EP Track Listing – Disparager – Timeless, Ageless:
1. Pictures
2. Tuesday Love
3. Gratitude
4. R.I.P. Bill Hicks
5. At Least I Still Have Bon Iver

For more info, please follow the band at these links:


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“Disparager are from Brooklyn, New York and play metal or hardcore, or post-rock, or whatever you want to call it. Above all else though, Disparager are fucking badass. ” – Pure Grain Audio

“Passion and sincerity are what matters most in music, and Disparager have an overabundance of those. Opening with “Pictures,” the band show themselves as technically adroit but never at the expense of the actual song. “Tuesday Love” is raw in its emotion; this is an antidote to the fake music that clogs up the airwaves like fat in an old man’s arteries. “Gratitude” reminds me of Cave In with its juxtaposition of darkness and light. My favourite track on the EP is the heartfelt “R.I.P Bill Hicks” (Bill Hicks was a genius and the world is a poorer place for his passing— look up some of his work for proof). Finishing with the epic “At Least I Still Have Bob Iver,” Disparager show themselves as a band with passion, a strong identity, and a reason to be. Not many bands can say that.” – Hellbound


EP PROMOS FOR MEDIA COVERAGE (ex. feature, interview, album review, airplay, etc.) CAN BE REQUESTED HERE

(RIYL = Alice In Chains, Breaking Benjamin, Crossfade, Incubus, Deftones, Three Days Grace, Default, Staind)

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BREACHED Announce Toronto Show Dates; New EP ‘Left Behind’

L-R = Neil Uppal – Drums | Ryan Alexander – Bass | Mike Diesel – Guitar | Bobby Noakes- Vocals (Photo Credit – Jaylyn Todd)

    Nothing is ever left behind in a BREACHED performance as the loud rocking, heavy amp cranking band announce Toronto show dates since performing last October at Indie Week.

February 7th will see the band join Blind Race, Asleep Behind the Flame, Bike Thiefs at the Bovine Sex Club for an ear bursting assault of infectious melodic rock, then later that month on February 28th, the band will be stripping down (not in the nude) to an acoustic set at Drum n’ Flats where they will be joined by the Waxmen and guests.

Show Dates

Feb 7, 2014 – Toronto, ON – Bovine Sex Club w/Blind Race, Asleep Behind the Flame, Bike Thiefs – $8 (Breached set at Midnight) – Event Page
Feb 28, 2014 – Toronto, ON – Drum n Flats – w/ WAXMEN and guests (Acoustic show)

BREACHED‘S EP ‘Left Behind’ was released on October 22nd and was recorded in between Canadian and US dates during the spring and summer months of 2013 while the band toured to promote their second EP ‘Revolution Sessions’, an acoustic version of their debut EP with a bonus stripped down cover of Alice In Chains’ ‘No Excuses’, which was also joined by a series of in-studio music videos.

Creating an alluring blend of melodious, metal-tinged rock ‘n roll, it didn’t take long for Breached to start winning over fans with their live shows and five-song self-titled EP. The band’s tight harmonies and nail-hitting screams combined with overdriven guitars, intricate tempos and powerful lyrics provide a unique blend that audiences can’t seem to get enough of.

The EP can be purchased on iTunes here and at the band’s official website here.

Youtube Stream –

Soundcloud Stream –

Track Listing: Left Behind
1. Left Behind (4:04)
2. Piece By Piece (2:59)
3. All We Need (3:09)
4. Brighter Days (3:51)
5. Here With Me (3:17)
Total Time: 17:20

“The Left Behind EP, is the latest offering from Canadian hard rockers Breached, and man it is quite impressive…Disc opener, “Left Behind”, works off a killer riff and features overdriven guitars and a captivating chorus which led me to be immediately sucked into the EP. The remaining four songs follow suit and are solid hard rock tunes in their own right, but at only 17 minutes long, I found this EP to be a bit of a tease.” – Pure Grain Audio

“Breached really delivers on the goal of making emotionally charged music. Vocalist Bobby Noakes has an incredibly powerful voice as it soars over the heavy distortion-laden guitars and precise explosions of the rhythm section.” – Rock Freaks

“a hugely enjoyable miniature peek into the potentially huge future which lies ahead of this quartet.” – Planet Mosh

““Left Behind” is well-structured, well-written and well-executed in every way! The band consists of 4 incredibly talented musicians: Bobby Noakes (Vocals), Mike Diesel (Guitar), Ryan Alexander (Bass) and Neil Uppal (Drums). You can tell, just from listening to a few seconds of their music, that they are masters of their crafts!” – New-Transcendence

The title track had me singing along on my second listen and swaying along to the chorus, before launching into Piece By Piece with a more upbeat, punky sound with a few good screams mixed in, and the feel continues with All We Need. The passion that has gone into the writing and production is evident, and when the tempo drops for the next track, that energy is transferred to a different frequency and you really feel the lyrics of Brighter Days. This is for me where the vocal talent of Bobby Noakes shines the most, a real arms in the air song.” – Wyrd Ways

The Canadian lads of BREACHED are quite an interesting band. Their songs caught my heart with their melodic and easy to listen attributes. You can of course label them, but I think that it wouldn’t be wise. Noakes has fantastic voice and show a great promise. Any Rock fan or Metalhead should grab this one, this much more than to the open minded.“ - Metal Temple

‘Revolution Sessions’ – Music Videos

Let Go -

No Excuses (Alice In Chains cover) -

Music Video – Control -

Music Video – Happy? -

Music Video – Time -

For more info on BREACHED, please visit these following links: | | Twitter @BreachedMusic





Montreal, QC – June 8, 2010

Legendary Extreme Metal Drummer GENE HOGLAN Releases “The Atomic Clock

Legendary extreme metal drummer Gene Hoglan brings forth his long awaited instructional DVD “The Atomic Clock”. Available on Hoglan Industries in the US and on Reversed Records in Canada, Hoglan showcases his three decades of experience of performing and recording with the world’s most well known metal bands such as Devin Townsend, Dark Angel, Death, Dethklok, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Zimmer’s Hole and most recently Fear Factory along with many others on his resume.
Offering two hours of pure metal drumming fury, Gene shells out his pounding arsenal to drummers and music fans intrigued to understand what makes “The Clock” tick.

Featuring 9 full songs from various projects (5 from the mighty MECHANISM), plus different improvised solos, in addition to tons of tips and tricks from his personal cache. Watch the Gene fill the screen, sharing his knowledge and putting it to the test.

To View the “The Atomic Clock” Video Trailer  – please visit the following link:

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Gene Hoglan – The Atomic Clock – DVD (Instructional) 2010

“Hoglan has one of the most impressive resumes in heavy metal dating back to the early 1980′s including DARK ANGEL, TESTAMENT, DEATH, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD.” – Sick Drummer Magazine

“Gene fucking Hoglan is being Gene fucking Hoglan on the drums.” –

“Gene is well known for his very impressive double kick drum rhythms, and his amazingly creative drum arrangements including the use of some unusual objects for percussive effect. His playing is highly technical, accurate, and extremely fast earning the nickname “The Atomic Clock”.”–

“This man has one of the heaviest sounding drum sounds of all time… some of the most intense piece of drumming I’ve ever heard. –

“The intensity of Hoglan’s drumming is buttressed by the constancy and accuracy of his ferocious double kick rhythms, executed to blistering tempos.” –

“Gene Hoglan’s kick drums blast through in furious, amazingly accurate 32nd-note flurries.” – Modern Drummer – (SYL Interview 2005)

“Known for his incredibly tight, rapid-fire playing, Hoglan remarkably always maintains a Zen-like composure behind his kit.” –

“Drummer extraordinaire!” –

“Drumming maestro” – Metal Hammer (UK)

“Mesmerizing skin work” –


Label:                                  – Gene Hoglan Industries (US)
– Reversed Records (Canada)

Distribution:                     – Gene Hoglan Industries (US)
– Reversed Records (Canada)
DVD Credits:
Directed by:                                           Marcus Rogers (Cinestir Films)
Edited by:                                                Marcus Rogers
Produced by:                                          Gene Hoglan
Executive Producer by:                        Byron Stroud
Recorded by:                                          Shaun Thingvold
Engineering & Editing by:                  Rob ‘Chicken’ Shallcross
Photographer Credit by:                      Gemini Visuals

At long last, legendary drummer Gene Hoglan (Strapping Young Lad, Death, Dark Angel, Dethklok, plus a coffee break in just about every other metal band on the planet!) has released his very first DVD, “The Atomic Clock”! Hooray! Is it instructional? Who Knows? Is it educational? Who cares, it’s GEEEEEEEEENE, so it’s bound to be entertaining as hell!!!

On this disc, Hoglan will break down what makes ‘The Clock’ tick, his style, his philosophies, especially his quirks and cheats. Will he break down your favourite ‘Gene Patterns’? Hell no! Will he clog your brain with countless dull rudiments? No way! Will he blow your mind with 9 complete songs from his upcoming projects? Hell yes he will! You’ll see an-hour-and-a-half of wicked Gene-playing, plus the disc is chock full of ‘extras’! What other instructional discs have ‘EXTRAS’, we ask? None that we know of! That’s why this is no mere ‘instructional’ disc, it’s way more than that! Yippee!

Filmed in magnificent ‘Enormo-Vision’, the big man will fill the screen with knowledge put to the test from his 3 decades of drumming. Do you need to be a schooled drummer to appreciate it? What are ya, nuts? You don’t even have to be a DRUMMER to enjoy this DVD! All you need is two hours of couch time, armed with your sense of fun!

Quick Fact: Hoglan was nominated in the “Best Drummer” category at the second annual 2010 Revolver Golden Gods Awards.


For Interview & Album Requests contact – Jon Asher – Music Publicist

O#.514.932.1244 | C#.514.581.5780 |


Montreal, QC – April 30, 2010

Fattooth Release Fan Video From Recent Too Cold To F@ck Tour & In Search of “Toothy of The Month”

Montreal punk rockers Fattooth who recently came off their TOO
Cold To F@ck Tour will be releasing a series of videos collected and submitted from their fans via their youtube channel.

“This was a wicked tour of heavy weight champion music. We want to say thanks to all our amazing fans that painted their faces, chanted our slogans and created the most dangerous mosh pits. We’re looking forward to crush the road again!” commented front man Hucifer.

Fattooth is still calling out to those across Canada who attended their tour dates.

“We want you! Send us your video and if you got pics we want those too!

In addition to fan submitted material, Fattooth will be choosing one lucky fan for their submissions to be the “Toothy of the Month” and will receive some free swag from the band.

Dates for Fattooth’s next upcoming tour will be announced soon.

For more info on Fattooth, you can find them at these following links:

Links: Reversed Records Myspace Facebook Twitter Youtube Reverbnation iLike CBC 3

Buy Links: Reversed Records E Store iTunes

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Fattooth (Reversed Records) – S/T – 2009

Links: Reversed Records Myspace Facebook Twitter Youtube Reverbnation iLike CBC 3

Buy Links: Reversed Records E Store iTunes

“These nine tracks become almost a deli platter of variety where one can pick and choose whatever entices them at that moment.”   – Exclaim!

“With their randy sense of humour and witty one-liners, Fattooth boast an amusing slice of tongue-in-cheek punk rock’n’roll heavily influenced by the likes of hardcore, metal and even elements of cock rock.”   - Exclaim!

“The energy and talent coming outta this band is phenomenal… I love the sound” – Snap! Magazine

“You’ll be hooked” 4/5     – Shockwave Magazine

“Fattooth brings on a mix of Punk, Cock Rock and Metal roots that make the sluts rip their shirts off…” -Komodo Rock

“The nine track CD features a refreshing collection of punk, rock and metal all mish-mashed into one unique sound” – RockStar Weekly

“Make No Bones about it, Fattooth is Canada’spremiere kick in the face MetaUPunk crossover act… With a killer stage show and biting sound, Fattooth has been tearing a new hole in the Canadian underground scene.”- Rock Hideout