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Canadian Melodic Death Metal LAIKA Announce Winnipeg ‘Somnia’ CD Release Party; Album Out Sept 30 On Filth Regime Records

L-R – Ian Garraway – (Guitars, Back Up Vocals) –  Mike Mason (Bass) – Steve Tedham (Keys) – Jordan Dorge (Vocals) – Alex Kling – (Guitar) – Blair Garraway (Drums) – Photo Credit: Kelly Allison

     Melodic death metal band LAIKA are proud to announce they will be holding theirlocal CD release party for ‘Somnia’ (out Sept 30th via Filth Regime Records) in Winnipeg, MB on October 11th at The Windsor Hotel (187 Garry Street) with local support from Tyrants Demise, Mortalis, Withdrawal, and Occvlt Hand. Admission is $10 with the first 25 people in the door receive a free copy of ‘Somnia’.

“This is a momentous occasion for us all because not only are we celebrating the release of Somnia we are also celebrating 5 years as a band, we will be playing Somnia in full and a cover or two. We are absolutely thrilled to have such a stellar lineup for the evening.  Hope to see you all out for the grand celebration!” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

The band has unleashed two tracks for fans from the upcoming release ‘The Immortal’ and ‘Escalation of Terror’. Both can be heard at the following links:

“The immortal is a track that touches the subject of the capacity of human strength. How far ones willing to go and pushing that thought until it leads to loss of life or some other extreme.  Something we all witness in day to day life.  This track is one of our favorites on the album and really shows the dynamic that Laika has as a whole.” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

The Immortal

Escalation of Terror

Album Pre-Order –

Founded in 2009 as a six-piece and named after the Soviet dog who became one of the first animals to travel to space, the band unleashed a self-released album in 2010, then hit the road, sharing the stage with the likes of All Shall Perish, Kataklysm, Necronomicon and Unleash the Archers, before temporarily backing away from the spotlight.

Driven by a thirst for evolution, LAIKA spent two years constructing and writing its upcoming full-length album, ‘Somnia’, filling it with melodic hooks, ominous keys and lyrics that are bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads to an almost maddening degree. Brace yourself, as this fall; LAIKA will hit the scene hard, just like they did all those years ago.

Track Listing: Laika – Somnia
1. Restless Mind (1:31)
2. Escalation of Terror (4:26)
3. Somnia (5:26)
4. Fidelity (3:48)
5. Caligae A Galea (5:29)
6. Dream of Nothing (5:35)
7. The Immortal (3:52)
8. Predictions (Tide Bearer) (5:48)
9. Invaders (4:13)

Album Length: 40:12

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Photo = L-R – Dave Waram – Guitar, Davis Hay – Vocals, Brent Bell – Drums, Stephanie Bell – Bass

NEWS: Death Metal Crusaders KRYOSPHERE To Play Lethbridge Dethfest + Announce ‘West Koast Katastrophe’ Tour


    Death metal crusaders KRYOSPHERE are proud to announce they will playing at this year’s Lethbridge Dethfest in Coaldale, AB at The Vent on Saturday, August 30th before kicking off their ‘West Koast Katastrophe Tour‘ in Nelson, BC on September 18 at the Kootenay Coop Radio for an in studio performance and interview on the Nelson On Nelson show and wrap up the tour in their hometown of Edmonton, AB on September 28th at DV8.
“This is the first time in nearly a decade Dethfest is back. Putrescence, Without Mercy and Golers and many more. We are so thrilled to be a part of it this year. The reunion is fitting considering Brent has been playing shows with the boys in Lethbridge since 97. So the parties will rage… see you on the stage!” comments bassist Stephanie Bell.
Lethbridge Dethfest Promo Video –
official 2014 dethbridge dethfest trailer
Tour Promo Video:
kryosphere | west koast katastrophe tour promo video
Maintaining a strong connection with the roots of old-school death metal, Kryosphere, established in 2008, by drummer Brent Bell (ex-Spawned by Rot, ex-Butcher’d), Stephanie Bell on bass, Dave Waram on guitar, and Davis Hay on vocals have released two EPs, 2013’s ‘SOL’ and 2011 debut ‘Six Feet Under’ with a follow up in the works for late 2014 / early 2015. Combining memorable riffs, soaring solos, powerful vocals plus thumping bass drives to inventive and technical drumming, KRYOSPHERE has been able to draw crowds of metal fans with hails horns high. The band has shared the stage with Putrescence, Dead Jesus, Unleash The Archers, West of Hell, Archspire and many more from the Western Canadian metal scene.
West Koast Katastrophe Tour Dates:

18-Sep – Nelson, BC – Kootenay Coop Radio In Studio Performance + Interview
19-Sep – Vancouver, BC – Funky Winkerbeans
20-Sep – Victoria, BC – The Cambie
21-Sep – Nanaimo, BC – The Queens
23-Sep – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s
24-Sep – Cranbrook, BC – Byng Roadhouse
25-Sep – Medicine Hat, AB – Liquid Niteclub
26-Sep – Calgary, AB – Lord Nelson’s
27-Sep – Red Deer, AB – Murph’s Bar
28-Sep – Edmonton, AB – DV8

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Kryosphere at its core has always maintained strong connections with an old-school Death Metal sound, while embracing the new ideas of their younger peers. In short, they are a modern death metal band that knows how to draw a crowd across the massive gulf of metal fans.

Formed in 2008 by drummer Brent Bell (ex-Spawned by Rot, ex-Butcher’d) with line changes through its early years, Kryosphere finally solidified an identity with Brent Bell on drums, Stephanie Bell on bass, Dave Waram on guitar, and Davis Hay on vocals. Their debut EP “At Six Feet” was unleashed in 2011 and followed by their 2013 self-release EP “SOL”.

Great attention has been placed on song writing, and it shows on. The uniquely structured music of “SOL” has memorable riffs that are often lacking in today’s metal. Soaring solos and powerful vocals accompany thick bang along sections, while thumping bass drives the overall feeling of every song. Inventive and technical drumming steer the band through multiple time changes and differing movements.

- 30 -

“…the percussion underscores everything with rolling thunder, and the song includes hammering rhythms and a nice melodic hook shooting through the skin-flaying riffage…” – No Clean Singing review of At Six Feet EP

“Kryosphere are a seriously tight knit band, every single member on point. Because they are a four-piece with no lead guitarist, they are extremely rhythmic and are able to really play heavily…” -Crown of Viserys Live Review from Farmageddon 2014.

2011 – At Six Feet – EP
2013 – SOL – EP

Shared stage w/:
Putrescence, Dead Jesus, Unleash The Archers, West of Hell, Archspire, & many local bands.

Tours and Festivals:
Metal Wizard 2014
Lethbridge Deathfest 2014
Farmageddon 2014
Farmageddon 2013
Zombiefest 2013
Metal Mountain 2 & 3

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Out Now! DISPLAY OF DECAY Unleash New EP ‘Outbreak of Infection + Performing Loud As Hell Fest (Drumheller, AB)

Display of Decay Promo photo

L-R – Tyler Goudreau (Vocals/Bass), Sean Watson (Guitarist, Vocals), Avery Desmarais (Drums)
Photo credit: Dana Zuk

    Display of Decay, the Edmonton, AB death metal trio turned four piece with the recent addition of guitarist Jeremy Puffer have unleashed their new EP ‘Outbreak of Infection’, out today, August 26th. Their fourth EP since forming in 2007 features five groovy death metal tracks with gore filled lyrics that includes a black metal cover of KISS‘ ‘Black Diamond.’

A full EP stream can be heard on Bloody-Disgusting.com

Plus physical and digital copy of the EP is available at the following links:

EP Teaser Video –

EP Cover - Display of Decay - Outbreak of Infection

Track Listing: Display of Decay – Outbreak of Infection
1. Born of Rot (3:37)
2. Manchurian Candidate (4:24)
3. Praise The Gore (3:30)
4. Outbreak of Infection (3:50)
5. Black Diamond (KISS cover) (3:13)

EP Length: 18:37

In additional news, last week Display of Decay shared the stage with The Faceless, Origin, Beyond Creation, Rings of Saturn, King Parrot, Fallujah, and Archspire at Harvesting Hell in Edmonton, AB and will be performing this weekend on August 31st at Loud As Hell Fest (Drumheller, AB) with Protest The Hero, Titans Eve, Death Toll Rising, All Else Fails, Ninjaspy and many more.

Festival dates

Aug 31 – Drumheller, AB – Loud As Hell Fest w/ Protest The Hero, Titans Eve, Ninjaspy, Death Toll Rising and more: Event link | Website | Tickets

For more info, please visit these links:



In 2007, Edmonton, AB underwent one of the most notable natural disasters in history. An earthquake split the city in two, and chaos ran amok through the streets.

Alas…such things are bound to happen when DISPLAY OF DECAY takes the stage. Handcrafted by Hell’s most elite demons, DISPLAY OF DECAY is noted for bringing a unique blend of old school death metal, blended with tinges of thrash and doom metal. The band has spread their infection across Western Canada over the years, sharing the stage alongside other local elite acts such as, Disciples of Power and Into Eternity.

After unleashing three well received indie releases, DISPLAY OF DECAY is currently gearing up for their next follow up “Outbreak of Infection”, an EP featuring five brutal tracks that includes an annihilating rendition of KISS’ ‘Black Diamond’.  Set to riot mosh pits officially August 26, 2014, DISPLAY OF DECAY is eagerly preparing to tour Western Canada in 2014 to promote their best work to date.

- 30 -

“The EP contains 5-tracks of, “…grim and gore,” perfect for fans of Deicide and Cannibal Corpse” – Bloody-Disgusting
““Outbreak of Infection” is a Deicide-al rampage of fast, rapacious riffing and spitfire soloing, with gut-punching drums and a gruesomely guttural vocal performance. These dudes do a good jump injecting the music with snake venom and radiating an aura of ravenous evil. They bring the death metal brutality, spiced up with insidious melody and high-voltage fretwork.” – No Clean Singing
“Display of Decay is a Death Metal outfit with old-school sensibilities. They’re melodic without entering Melodic Death, and they’re brutal without becoming cliche. This is just some shit you have to hear for yourself.” – Yell Magazine
 Outbreak of Infection, a mid-paced slab of brutality in the vein of Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, and Nile. Showing they wear their influences on their sleeves, this trio also sounds nothing like the aforementioned bands at times, their own sound gleaming vile from the pile of corpses they wear.” – Crown of Viserys
“Canada’s power trio, aptly known as Display of Decay play old school death metal with growl vocals and catchy hooks that’ll make you bang your head.” Explicitly Intense
“This is a real listenable EP due to is crunchy drive and catchy rhythms. It is Brutal Death Metal but it has the kind of songs you could put in a zombie film for added tension and brutality…The guttural vocals are strong low and perfect for these tracks.  This is an EP you can throw in and listen to all five songs, the last of which is a Kiss cover Black Diamond.” – Blackened Horde

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Decibel Mag Song Premiere EXPAIN ‘Allegiance To Pain'; New Debut Album ‘Just The Tip’ Out June 24th

L-R- Eric Morrison – Guitar | Daniel Brand – Vocals | Nikko Whitworth – Bass | Ryan Idris – Drums | Pat Peeve – Guitar
     Vancouver, BC’s mosh pit architects of tech/prog/thrash/jazz metal EXPAIN (formerly known as The Almighty Excruciating Pain) has teamed up with Decibel Magazine for the song premiere of ‘Allegiance To Pain’, the latest single from the band’s forthcoming debut album ‘Just The Tip’ set to be unleashed on Tuesday, June 24th and now available for pre-order at Decibel Magazine also share the band’s video cover of John Lennon’s ‘Imagaine’ EXPAIN style!
“Hey this is Pat Peeve (guitarist) from Expain!  Welcome to our world of debauchery!  We are stoked for you guys to hear our latest track “Allegiance To Pain”. Sit back and enjoy the ride!”

In additional news, the band recently shared with fans a guitar / bass playthrough for their track ‘Aggressions Progression’ at the following link:

expain - agression's progression - guitar & bass playthrough

The band is also offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of ‘Aggressions Progression’ via –
expain - just the tip (album teaser)
Upcoming Show Dates:

EXPAIN - Just The Tip - Album Cover

[Download Album Lyrics]

[Download Album Cover]

Track Listing:
1. Bacchus
2. Aggressions Progression
3. Phoenix Writhing
4. The King
5. Don’t Worry The Worst Is Yet To Come
6. Idol Worship
7. Allegiance To Pain
8. Manatee
9. Headbang Your Head Off
10. A.T.M.
11. Eating A Beating Heart

Album Credits:
All Songs performed by – Expain
All songs written by – Expain
Produced by – Matthew Roach
Mixed by – Matthew Roach
Available on – CD+Digital

Album + Live lineup:
Daniel Brand – Vocals
Pat Peeve – Guitar
Eric Morrison – Guitar
Nikko Whitworth – Bass
Ryan Idris – Drums


There’s something to be said about technology and its ability to bring musicians together and Vancouver’s Expain has Craigslist to thanks for its birth.

Mixing thrash with jazzier elements and everything in between, the band delivers music that’s energetic, diverse and thoughtful in every sense of the word. “Our music tends to be very melodic and we put a big emphasis on the songwriting, as well as the individual riffs,” says guitarist Eric Morrison.

The band’s debut album, ‘Just the Tip’, plays to its sense of humour, but also represents the beginning of a musical journey that’s not bound to stop or slow down any time soon. Writing about everything from overcoming adversity to partying hard, living in an ever-changing city and the state of today’s society as a whole, Expain has captured its true identity on record.

As Morrison explains, “We go through many different concepts on this album but I think throughout all of it there is an attempt to stay hopeful and make something positive out of difficult or unpleasant situations.”

Shared stage with:
Suffocation, Archspire, Powerman 5000, Nylithia, West Of Hell, Unleash The Archers, Mortillery, Into Eternity, Thor

Tours & Festivals:
2014 – Western Canadian Tour (BC/AB)
2013 – Western Canadian Tour (BC/AB)
2013/ 2014 – Armstrong Metal Fest
2013 – Medicine Hat Metal Fest

“Hold on to your balls, for Expain could be positioned as Canada’s next great metal export. Evidently going by their ferociously captivating debut album ‘Just The Tip’, the quintet slap together a masochistic mixture of blazing riffs, supersonic drumming, sexy solo’s and vocals so brutal it would make your last hangover as weak as Justin Bieber banging one out. Come on they mix jazz elements, that surely has to receive numerous acknowledgements, but also through the various sounds and lyric topics employed, this album is a party on it’s own” – Global Metal Apocalypse

“a band built on displaying technical skills behind the instruments. A heavy and potent mixture of thrash and jazz metal, Vancouver, Canada’s Expain is hoping to become a staple in a genre built on technical skill and speed” – Under The Gun Review

“a perfect blend of the technical and melodic, combining together to create a sound that is incredibly unique and forthright. I have listened to the album several times now, and each time I find myself enjoying some new dimension to the sound, or some new aspect of the music. It just keeps getting better.” – Vancouver Metal

“In my metal induced coma, I am inclined to say this band should not be sniffed at or trifled with, they are some serious thrash metal impresarios… For Fans Of: Uber thrash with a touch of jazz.” – All About The Rock

“Wildly diverse band that combines elements of thrash, punk, tech metal and even some jazz with an off-the-wall comedic streak.” Prog NW Metal Zone

“It’s one of the finest independently released albums I’ve ever heard in my life. From the short intro track ‘Bacchus’ all the way to the perfect closer in ‘Eating A Beating Heart,’ there’s so many quality thrashers on the disc. ‘The King’ is a personal favorite of mine as the musicianship is ridiculously tight. ‘Aggressions Progressions’ has an absolutely beautiful dueling solo section and ‘Manatee’ has a sick bass solo. Overall it’s 11 tracks of pure thrash mayhem” – Broken Neck Radio

“The band comes racing out of the gate with three dementedly heavy fist-pumpers….a promising metal act that is well worth a listen.” – Discorder (E.P.E.P Review)

“a strong mixture of early Thrash and Crossover Thrash concepts, blending them with a Melodic Death Metal sound, and plenty of energetic aggression.” – Apochs Metal Review (E.P.E.P Review)

“Don’t leave your children alone with The Almighty Excruciating Pain” – Metal Sucks (E.P.E.P Review)

For more info, please visit the following links:

Album Pre-Order –