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Montreal, QC – September 19, 2014

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 RIYL = Insomnium, Dark Tranquillity, Children of Bodom, Amon Amarth, Mors Principium Est

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Canadian Melodic Death Metal LAIKA Streaming ‘Caligae A Galea’ On Crown of Viserys + Win A Copy of New Album ‘Somnia’ Due Out Sept. 30th On Filth Regime Records; Winnipeg CD Release Party Oct. 11th At Windsor Hotel 

L-R – Ian Garraway – (Guitars, Back Up Vocals) –  Mike Mason (Bass) – Steve Tedham (Keys) – Jordan Dorge (Vocals) – Alex Kling – (Guitar) – Blair Garraway (Drums) – Photo Credit: Kelly Allison

Melodic death metal band LAIKA are streaming their new trackCaligae A Galea’ on Crown of Viserys plus awarding fans a chance to win 1 of 3 copies of their new album ‘Somnia’ due out Sept 30th via Filth Regime Records.

To listen to the new track and enter to win a copy of their new CD, please visit the following link: 

Track Listing: Laika – Somnia
1. Restless Mind (1:31)
2. Escalation of Terror (4:26)
3. Somnia (5:26)
4. Fidelity (3:48)
5. Caligae A Galea (5:29)
6. Dream of Nothing (5:35)
7. The Immortal (3:52)
8. Predictions (Tide Bearer) (5:48)
9. Invaders (4:13)

Album Length: 40:12

In additional news, the band will be hosting their local cd release party in Winnipeg, MB on October 11th at The Windsor Hotel (187 Garry Street) with local support from Tyrants Demise, Mortalis, Withdrawal, and Occvlt Hand. Admission is $10 with the first 25 people in the door receive a free copy of‘Somnia’.

“This is a momentous occasion for us all because not only are we celebrating the release of Somnia we are also celebrating 5 years as a band, we will be playing Somnia in full and a cover or two. We are absolutely thrilled to have such a stellar lineup for the evening.  Hope to see you all out for the grand celebration!” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

The band has also unleashed two other tracks for fans from the upcoming release‘The Immortal’ and ‘Escalation of Terror’. Both can be heard at the following links:

“The immortal is a track that touches the subject of the capacity of human strength. How far ones willing to go and pushing that thought until it leads to loss of life or some other extreme.  Something we all witness in day to day life.  This track is one of our favorites on the album and really shows the dynamic that Laika has as a whole.” comments vocalist Jordan Dorge.

The Immortal

Escalation of Terror

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Founded in 2009 as a six-piece and named after the Soviet dog who became one of the first animals to travel to space, the band unleashed a self-released album in 2010, then hit the road, sharing the stage with the likes of All Shall Perish, Kataklysm, Necronomicon and Unleash the Archers, before temporarily backing away from the spotlight.

Driven by a thirst for evolution, LAIKA spent two years constructing and writing its upcoming full-length album, ‘Somnia’, filling it with melodic hooks, ominous keys and lyrics that are bound to get stuck in listeners’ heads to an almost maddening degree. Brace yourself, as this fall; LAIKA will hit the scene hard, just like they did all those years ago.

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“Laika combine the Gothenburg sound with a North American groove and intensity, the result is a giant slab of kick ass melodic death metal. Sommia the groups’ second full length release consists of 8 finely crafted songs and a dreamy and eloquent intro track called “The Restless Mind”. There some great guitar work on “Somnia” especially on tracks like “Fidelity” and the albums lone instrumental “Dream of Nothing”. The musicianship on this release is all-around solid. Vocalist Jordan Dorge has a powerful growl that cuts through the bands layered sound and the rhythm section add some crushing heaviness…a damn good melodic death metal album. If you like the classic Gothenburg sound do yourself a favor and pick up the latest release from Laika.” – Extreme Metal Television

“This Canadian sextet play old school inspired death metal, with synthesizer elements thrown in with the more melodic and heavier guitar parts. Laika, is not solely focused on playing fast and crazy, as their music contains tons of substance for starters, and their music is as unique as possible with synths used as a chilling backdrop to their progressive death metal.” – Explicitly Intense

“For an unsigned and independent band with only one other album under their belt, this really is a phenomenal release, and it really shines a light on how promising Laika’s future could be…the melodies and hooks they employ are the shining stars here.” – Metal Observer


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Montreal, QC – September 18, 2014

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R.I.Y.L. – Wuthering Heights, Manticora, Falconer, Elvenking, Symphony X, Angra

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Prog Power Metal VIATHYN Offer Free Download ‘The Coachman'; New Album ‘Cynosure’ Due Out October 7th

L-R: Alex Kot (Bass) | Jacob Wright (Guitar) | Tomislav Crnkovic (Vocals/Guitar) | Dave Crnkovic (Drums) – Photo Credit – Alexis Greene

Calgary, AB progressive power metal quartet VIATHYN are offering fans anotherFREE download ‘The Coachman’ off their upcoming album ‘Cynosure’ due out on October 7th. The download is available at the following link: 

“The Coachman is a fun mid-tempo track to bang your head to and sing along with. The track was recorded on 7-string guitars and switches back and forth from distorted to clean throughout the song. The chanting chorus creates a mead-hall vibe, and the up-tempo midsection has four trade-off guitar solos (including one from our bass player Alex… on guitar!). The song has a bit of a tribute to Edvard Grieg in the outro and also features the first instance of guest growl vocals on the album by Sean Jenkins of Calgary-based tech-death band Divinity. We packed lots of stuff into the 5:41 running time for you guys!” comments guitarist Jacob Wright.

Produced by VIATHYN‘s Tomislav Crnkovic plus mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Every Hour Kills), ‘Cynosure’ features nine epic assaulting tracks with intense guitar shredding and infectious chants that blend prog thrash, melo-death and power metal influences. With VIATHYN‘s 2010 ‘The Peregrine Way’ debut album praised for its innovative song-writing and fresh comparison to today’s power metal, it was only a matter of time for guitarist Jacob Wright to launch into song-writing mode and compose a majority of the material that would be recorded for this second full-length. Even through hindrances such as studio closings, computer crashes, losing a jam space, and a flood, VIATHYN was able to record their second album between August 2012 and February 2014. With the addition of 7-string guitars, some growl vocals, and an evolving influence, Cynosure’s songs are faster, more technical, and heavier, while maintaining a constant melodic and progressive presence ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Album Pre-Order:

VIATHYN is also offering a Free Download of the first single released ‘Ageless Stranger’ at the following links:

As previously stated by guitarist Jacob Wright:

“We chose Ageless Stranger to be the opening track on our new album Cynosure because it is high energy and hard hitting. With a big chorus, relentless rhythms, and some fun shredding, we feel it is the appropriate introduction to the remaining hour of diverse musical moments you will hear on Cynosure. The lyrics are inspired by the malevolent Stephen King character Randall Flagg, who has appeared in multiple works by King such as The Stand, The Eyes of the Dragon, and The Dark Tower.”



Album Cover - Viathyn  - Cynosure - 2014

Track Listing: Viathyn – Cynosure

1. Ageless Stranger – 7:13

2. The Coachman – 5:41

3. Edward Mordrake – 6:24

4. Shadows In Our Wake – 7:02

5. Countess of Discordia – 7:12

6. Time Will Take Us All – 7:01

7. Three Sheets To The Wind – 7:21

8. Albedo – 6:48

9. Cynosure – 9:35

Total Length: 01:04:20

Youtube Medley Stream -

Soundcloud Medley Stream -

Viathyn – Mini – Doc – The Making of Cynosure –

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A chance encounter at a local record store in Calgary, Alberta between guitarist Jacob Wright, who was just looking for work, and vocalist Tomislav Crnkovic, who happened to be an employee of said shop, resulted in a friendship that gradually led to the creation of progressive power metal outfit Viathyn in 2006 with a solidified live and recording line up in 2009.

Playing off the word ‘Leviathan’, the guys settled on ‘Viathyn’, which has no actual definition in the English language, but when referring to the band can be taken to mean ‘progressive, melodic, grandiose, innovative and emotional’.

Forgoing the strict rules and structure common to the genre, the four-piece is known for its ability to write songs that grow and progress naturally and shift tone unapologetically without falling victim to common tropes. Building on their first full-length album, 2010’s The Peregrine Way, Viathyn is now gearing up to unveil its second record, Cynosure produced by vocalist/guitarist Tomislav Crnkovic plus mixed and mastered by Sacha Laskow (Divinity, Every Hour Kills).

“The literal definition of ‘cynosure’ is a focal point or an object that serves to guide,” explains Wright. “Each track focuses upon a character that is either affected by or acts as an agent of chaos and the message we wanted to express is how small and insignificant our actions and petty squabbles are within the grand scale of the universe. It’s kind of a backwards way of trying to show that we as humans should be humble and respectful to each other!”

Cynosure promises to be faster, more technical and heavier than its predecessor while maintaining a constant melodic and progressive presence – can you handle it?

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“An exploration of disillusion, discord, affliction, enlightenment, and grandeur as seen through nine different storytellers, Viathyn live for a more European-oriented montage of neo-classical runs, twin guitar harmonies, double bass fury, and the occasional mid-tempo transition that can be highly folk or Celtic influenced…Cynosure is proof again that our neighbors to the north can rival the best European acts going in this faithful, happy sub-genre.” – Dead Rhetoric

“An atmospheric metal album with grand vocal work and guitar structure.” – Headbang or GFTO

“Viathyn will instantly appeal to fans of traditional and power metal but they are much more than that. The songs have great headbanging, fist-pumping tempos, but each track also has deeply emotional and thoughtful undercurrent which warrants many listens.” – KING – Pitch Black Magazine

“It isn’t often that a band will blow away the listener with their debut album, but Viathyn does just that!” – Peter – Metal Psalter – Metal Psalter

“It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything quite so eclectic as this band’s epic melding of the power, folk, speed, and progressive metals. They’re more alchemists than musicians, forging a new mold out of which many may be poured but few will actually fit.” – JDeathscript – Metal Call Out

“This is “Prog” metal at its finest.” – Cuz’N Mike – Heavy Metal Review

“…Viathyn have delivered a really solid, classy and mature metal album, that is as good as anything coming out of Europe these days” – JP – Metal Rules

“….This band really has their shit together, the solos are spectacular here, the sweeps are to die for, everything is good here…” – Metals Dead

“The musicianship is literally as good as it gets. It doesn’t matter which band member you would change, but the level of musical virtuosity wouldn’t get any higher.” – Poohkali – Rateyourmusic

Track Listing: Viathyn – Cynosure

1. Ageless Stranger – 7:13
2. The Coachman – 5:41
3. Edward Mordrake – 6:24
4. Shadows in Our Wake – 7:02
5. Countess of Discordia – 7:12
6. Time will Take Us All – 7:01
7. Three Sheets to the Wind – 7:21
8. Albedo – 6:48
9. Cynosure – 9:35
Total Length: 01:04:20

• All songs performed by: Tomislav Crnkovic, Jacob Wright, Alex Kot, Dave Crnkovic
• All songs written by: Jacob Wright, Tomislav Crnkovic, Alex Kot
• Produced by: Tomislav Crnkovic
• Mixed by: Sacha Laskow
• Mastered by: Sacha Laskow
• Single released: TBD
• Available on: TBD
• CD Cover, Album Artwork
• Track Listing of Album:

 Release Date: October 7, 2014
LABEL:  Self Release
DISTRIBUTION:  Bandcamp, iTunes

Album Band Line Up: Tomislav Crnkovic, Jacob Wright, Alex Kot, Dave Crnkovic

Live Band Line Up: Tomislav Crnkovic, Jacob Wright, Alex Kot, Dave Crnkovic

2014 – Cynosure (full-length)
2010 – The Peregrine Way (full-length)
2008 – Demagogue (EP)
2006 – Demo

Shared stage with:
Stratovarius, Manegarm, Incantation, Rotten Sound, Into Eternity, Skeletonwitch

List of Tours and Festivals:
Calgary Metal Fest II (2013)
Noctis Metal Festival IV (2010)

Corporate sponsors / artist endorsements:
Alex Kot (bass) is a featured artist for NS Stick
(not endorsed, however)