EPK – CHOSEN – Resolution (2013) – Release Date: March 30, 2013





ISRC Codes: IE-HRN-13-00001 to IE-HRN-13-00009

R.I.Y.L. = Death; Meshuggah; Gojira; Cynic; Nevermore

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“Crossing the groove of Meshuggah with overt Death and Nevermore influences, their demos to date have been nothing short of impressive.” [Terrorizer Magazine]

“A band that has worked hard and under unusual discipline to produce what very few other bands in the country would be capable of.” [Metal Ireland Webzine]

“Chosen are an Irish two piece of huge technical ability, whose individual sound invokes memories of latter day Death, Atheist and perhaps the dark, swirling intensity of Nevermore. They already have a string of demos and EPs to their name but this is their first attempt at a full length album – and it’s stunningly accomplished. The band are capable of creating moments of sheer class and pretty much every track here is in possession of such. The crisp, incisive sound allows for full appreciation of the intricate riffing and you can’t help but be impressed by the sheer quality on display.  CK 4″  [Zero Tolerance Mag]

“Resolution f**king rocks!  That is all that needs to be said on the music sense.  Perhaps acknowledgement should be paid to the Irish duo that created it, but we’ll assume they get that from the praise the album is receiving here.  It’s a fine compendium of riffs, drums, guttural vocals, mixed to a sweet perfection of momentous ear bashing.  The production is very well executed and the mix sees the layering of instruments to give a nice wall of sound.  If I were to equate this band to anyone or another album it would be Paradise Lost and in particular, their Draconian Times album.  How’s that for specifics and I f**king love that album, but Chosen have a more modern sound about them, a polished edge in the metal world that is both heavier and more technical than the Paradise Lost album, but gives you an idea.

In summary then; it’s Irish, it’s heavy and it’s metal and you need nothing more to sit back and have the grey matter dusted off with some chunky riffs and eloquent metal mastery.” [RocknReelReviews]

“After listening to the music, it’s hard to believe that it’s just two guys. Honestly I pictured a five-piece, dense death metal band with like three guitarists layering over each other playing these songs, but apparently Chosen just really know how to make a thick sound. The production in particular is one of my favorite aspects of the their debut Resolution. I don’t know who’s call it was to make the guitars’ tone so dark and abrasive – giving the perfect balance for the melodic sections not to come across cheesy and for the crunchy riffs to sound gritty as all fuck – whether it was Alwyn Walker’s (producer) or Paul Shields’ (guitarist) idea, but whomever’s it was I say to you, ”Bravo”.” [Sputnik Reviews]

“‘Oh boy, are you in for a rollercoaster ride with the amazing Chosen. And it’s not even a proper band with only two mad scientists on board. What this Irish duo does is something else. They have taken the extremities of later Death, Meshuggah and Gojira and jazzed things up to create a mountain of a record.” [Mass Movement Magazine]

“Maybe I’m fucking crazy, which I’m sure a ton of you think I am for saying this, but based on this one song I’m guessing that Chosen is what everyone wishes Gojira could be.  The Meshuggah / Gojira sound… but with individuality and songs.” [SkullsnBones]

“Resolution is brimming with topnotch performances through and through, while remaining entirely fresh from beginning to end. The relentless approach to tracks like “Mental Clarity,” “Instinct” and “Metaphysical Contradiction” anchor this debut with a fierce proclamation to usher in something completely different. Clocking in at nearly an hour’s length, you won’t find commercial, sterile metal, but instead music that is refreshing and strives to give melodic death metal a shot in the arm…As a duo, Shields and McCann merge uniquely into a singular unit that provides skill, originality and aggression into their core sound.” [The Metal Pit]

“Consistence, discipline, talent, and of course will to power, is the description for a band like CHOSEN, and it has been a pleasant surprise to meet this band for me, because the lack of emotion and surprises reign these days of nothingness in the world. “Resolution” is a very good album; it has everything you need from an extreme Metal band: melody, acoustic moments, good rhythms, excellent atmospheres, amazing solos, well performed percussion,” [Metal-Temple]

“Resolution is my first taste of the band and I literally can’t get enough of it. We see nine tracks that are blistering in their approach while at the same time have the substance to listen to time and time again…The track “Diminishment” is a great piece of production aside from the merits of the song. The kicks are constant and become blended into the plodding parts of the song. The breakouts bring the drums back to normal levels that steer some very grungy guitars and vocals…“Metaphysical Contradiction” has an amazing lead in that shows some true instrumental passion. 8/10″ [WeLoveMetal]

“the explosion of technicality and skill rained down on me like a grand piano in an old silent film.” [MetalStorm]

“They play an aggressive metal, progressive, inventive.” [Metal France]

“Throughout Resolution,Chosen do a great job of melding modern, djent-inflected rhythmic bludgeon and metalcore-esque chugging breakdowns with more languidly melodic and looser forms of prog, also balancing barking, harsh vocals with equally effective clean tones – meaning that there’s something in Resolution for Meshuggah worshippers and afficianados of less stridently aggressive progressive music alike.” [One Metal]

“As soon as _Resolution_ started, the opening track “Engines of Belief” planted the Irish flag firm and deep in my mind. The track starts with a thirty-six second introductory segment (in 6/4 as is customary) that easily tops any Irish melody you’ll get from Primordial. It’s an amazing beginning to a very impressive album from these debutants and it proves that these lads have lots of tricks up their collective sleeves. ‘Resolution’ churns on with confidence and technical dexterity for fifty-four minutes. The first spin of the record will have you hooked to the more obvious parts, like the aforementioned intro or the catchy chorus on “Asch’s Paradigm”.” [Chronicles of Chaos]

“‘It’s innovative, with a high standard of musicianship throughout and with tracks which are well- crafted and inventive in their composition. The sound is rich, multi layered, and at times crushingly heavy using a broad range of elements from the full spectrum of extreme metal. The vocals, both harsh and clean, are excellent, which is something I am always highly critical about. The resulting album I found to be a truly refreshing and inspiring piece of work.” [Metal Talk]

“”Resolution” is an artistically successful, and quite original, opus of progressively oriented and sophisticated extreme metal which combines the progressiveness of the likes of Death, Atheist, and Opeth with the crushing grooves of Meshuggah into a riff-driven metallic onslaught which offers both fuel for your fire and food for your thoughts.” [Metal Music Archives]

“The album kicks off with such a rich and clear production that I immediately sat up and took notice before the guy even started singing. This is the kind of production I always hope for when I put on a new album. I bow down in appreciation before whoever engineered this album…This is not your typical melodic death metal album. The album is built on a foundation of melodic death metal, but at the very least one has to acknowledge a bit of progressive as well. I’m not going to speculate any further than that, you will just have to hear the album to understand how much more than “melodic death metal” this album is…All this wonderfully lush and full sounding music was created by just two guys; Paul Shields handles the vocals and guitars, while David McCann does the drums and percussion. I cannot overstate how impressed I am with “Resolution.” This is a top-notch metal release that damn well better get heaps of praise from the metal press this year. Anything less would be an embarrassment to metal reviewers the world over.” [Metal Disciple]

“If I had to put a label on the music, I’d say it was progressive death metal, a weird bastard child born of Messhugah, Tool and Opeth. And only a bastard because with this quality of composition, those three well-established titans should be nervously looking in their rear view mirror. The quality of the music is great, the production is top-notch, and the price: $0. When this comes out, if you don’t check it out you’ll be missing out on one of the best releases of the year. Even if it was $50.” 4.5/5 [Goetia Metal]

“These guys know how to knock the shit out of a song; they do it with skill, originality, aggression, and undeniable talent.” [Scene Point Blank]

“Get the word out. Chosen is one of the best bands you’re likely to hear this year and they deserve it.” [Scene Point Blank]

“In short, this is material that deserves attention from any metal fan on the planet.” [Metal Revolution]

Chosen Resolution Cover Art High Res

• All songs performed by: Chosen
• All music / lyrics written by: Paul Shields and David McCann
• Sound F/X Synth: Paul Allen/Chosen/Alwyn Walker
• Backing Vocals: Alwyn Walker/David McCann
• Additional Vocals: Jackie McNally
• Fiddle: Fiona Morrin
• Produced by: Alwyn Walker – Westland Studios, Dublin Ireland
• Mixed by: Alwyn Walker – Westland Studios, Dublin Ireland
• Mastered by: Darrell Walker – MSB Mastering
• Available: March 30, 2013
• CD Cover, Album Artwork: Fiaz Farrelly
• Track Listing of Album:
1. Engines of Belief
2. Defective Prospection
3. The Narcissism Epidemic
4. Mental Clarity
5. Diminishment
6. Instinct
7. Asch’s Paradigm
8. Metaphysical Contradiction
9. The Departure Lounge

Chosen - Final Band Photos January 2013 - Band Photo 2 GRAYSCALE

Chosen Line Up | David McCann (Drums & Percussion) | Paul Shields (Vocals/Guitars) – Photo Credit – Fiaz Farrelly

Fusing elements of extreme metal with crushing heaviness, CHOSEN is a band fully intent on taking their multi-layered music to a wider metal audience. Since the group’s inception at the start of 2005, the Irish duo of Paul Shields (vocals/guitars) and David McCann (drums/percussion) have gradually made a name for themselves within various pockets of the metal community, gaining much recognition and appreciation for their solid musicianship and distinctive songwriting.

To date, they’ve released a number of independent and well-received EPs, relocated from Ireland to Vancouver, Canada for a year and back again, and are now ready to unleash their much-anticipated debut album, Resolution, upon the world. Recorded at the prestigious Westland Studios in Dublin with producer extraordinaire Alwyn Walker at the helm, Resolution is a reflection of sheer perseverance and innovation, brimming with top-notch musicianship, well-crafted arrangements and inventive hooks. Merged with a rich audio production value, void of the sterile, homogeneous and plastic instrumentation factor which currently dominates the commercial metal market, this debut album from one of Irelands noteworthy metal bands is a truly refreshing piece of work.

Tours & Festivals

2009 – Cross Canada Tour

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