EPK – Auroch – From Forgotten Worlds (2012)

Auroch  - From Forgotten Worlds (Hellthrasher Productions)

Release Date: Friday, October 26, 2012

Label: Hellthrasher Productions

Contact: PR Rep – Jon Asher – ashermedia(@)gmail.com

Radio Tracking: Barbara Pavone – radiotrackingashermedia(@)gmail.com

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[Auroch - Media Kit - 2012]

R.I.Y.L. = Behemoth, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Origin, Nile, Immortal, Incantation

single – Astral King

“This is a band death metal fans are going to want to keep their ears and eyes on.” 8/10 – Bravewords.com

“Auroch hold their own with solid chops, memorable riffs and killer vocals” – Hellbound.ca

“Metalheads will be pleased with Auroch’s From Forgotten Worlds” – Georgia Straight (Vancouver, BC)

“anyone who digs a non-stop brutal sound that blends the lines between black, death, and thrash, with both technical and old school leanings, should check this album out.” – MetalUnderground.com 

“Blackened death metallers from Canada certainly set a high bar with their debut. Intense grind noise and black metal cries flitter amongst the tranquil and contrasting breakdowns…Eerie and persistent and in nature. The blast beats hit extreme speeds while the guitars acceleration is admirable…One thing that refuses to change is the album’s energy, may this remain for the foreseeable future. 4/5″ – Culture Bomb Mag

“Auroch happily break the mould by applying their trade effortlessly and ‘From Forgotten Worlds’ is one of the technical old school US death metal releases of recent times. For a band’s debut release, I can only salivate at the prospect of further inspirational death metal coming from these Canadians, it wipes the floor with many of their peers and that’s not normally an easy thing to do.” – Brutalism.com

“Auroch are pure audial violence and brutality.  From the opening burst of Morbid Angel-esque riffs and hyper-speed blast beats on the title-track you know this album is going to be sheer aggression.” – Nocturnal Cult

“the three piece display a remarkably mature songwriting ability together with a highly technical musical ability, the song twisting and turning upon a pivotal archetypal DM riff, complemented by a stunning drumming performance from Zach Chandler, but at the same time demonstrating the sort of measured combination/contrast that so many death bands seem incapable of producing.” 9.5/10  - Planetmosh.com

“Here is celebrated genuine Death Metal. The all in all eight songs tear raw and blunt to the listener. Thereby AUROCH roll everything down which gets in their way.” – Extreminal

““Lovecraftian” death metallers from Vancouver, Auroch sears into its eight song CD with a vengeance…the guys can clearly execute the breakneck time changes, crazy scales and howling like they were born into it.” – The Province (Vancouver)

“great debut, it shows that death is, ahem, alive and well and that the genre is not likely to cease and desist provided it keeps spawning deliciously evil works of art, such as this.” – Imohotep.no

“Auroch is an act unlike the rest and is surly to be another topper within the metal scene as we know it.” – Natalie’s World

“This trio play thrash riddled death metal that rages out of the cage like a blood-crazed cross between Carcass, Behemoth, Morbid Angel and Cryptopsy. If raw yet technical, dismal and twisted, extreme metal is what you need to get you thru the long months ahead then look no further my fiends! This one is a thing of beauty.” – Heavy Metal Time Machine

“Auroch play death metal and they play it well. They combine some technical elements that work perfectly with the raw, yet accessible production. Songs like ‘Talisman For Total Temporal Collapse’ thunder out of your speakers and grab you like a tentacle from *Cthulhu. Guitars shred and the drums just pound away in a very satisfying blend of mayhem.” – DawnofTheDeaf

“For a band that I have never listened to before this album I can safely say I have been missing out. The death metal genre in 2012 to me has grown stagnant but Auroch has shone through. Combining death, thrash, and even some groove metal into a downright death metal masterpiece that all fans of the genre will enjoy. Many, many great things to come in the future for this young band.” – MetalDelirium.net

“Technical, inspired, melodic, and possessing one of the most acidic dual-vocal attacks since Carcass, Auroch is metal’s latest, greatest soundtrack to metaphysical disquiet.” – A.V. Club – Loud Column

From Forgotten Worlds weight heavily with surges of Lovecraftian poetries, and while it takes influences from some of the cornerstones of the genre, it sounds nothing like its musical ancestors. Instead, it thrives on a unique formulation of the Old School and Brutal Death Metal into the creation of a stand-alone piece, possessing that of a high sense of technicality and originality.” – AxisofMetal.com

“FROM FORGOTTEN WORLDS is a very commendable debut album. The band go from strength to strength while staying faithful to the genres conventions. I expect we will be hearing more from these guys.” – Metal-Rules.com

“Musically, this album is strong; it’s mostly a nice blend of what (to me) sounded like old-school Death and Morbid Angel, but with a definite sense that these guys have kept up with some of the newer bands. I won’t list them, but I think that fans will hear the blending of styles here. I thought the album was strongest when it highlighted the guitars–particularly the solos and the occasional harmonies. These guys take advantage of their twin-guitar attack and it works to great effect…I’d suggest that listeners give this one a spin.” Sea of Tranquility

“As From Forgotten Worlds gets things going, one thing is clear – this is going to be a heavy assed ride. Pounding drum lines work with intricate guitars and roaring vocals, showing that extreme metal is still being produced in a manner that’s going to kill your cat, haunt your mind and leave you powerless to do anything about it…I never had any idea that this level of extreme metal was being produced in Canada, but Auroch have just shown my what’s on offer over there – and it sounds damned good.” – Loud-Stuff.com

“This is some evil, twisted sounding music.  And I gotta say I love it…One of the things I like the most about metal like this is that it is intelligent.” – RippleMusic.com

Auroch manages to not only live in the past, but prosper in the present. The brutality and the analog sounding production (I especially like the warm drum sound) cannot hide the high level of technicality that is at work here. Twin-guitars are put to good use, dual riffing against each other and spewing out awesome solos. The drumming is excellent, both hard hitting and dexterous. All in all, a very likable debut full-length from Auroch.” – MetalBandcamp.com

“”“From Forgotten Realms” effectively embodies everything one could ask for in an undeniably metal album; no quarter for anything that could even remotely take away from the mood of the album.” – TheInarguable.com

“‘Talisman for Total Temporal Collapse’ shows what this band are capable of …It’s blasting and feral and really bloody good, the bass and drums creating an impermeable barricade of snarling sound that manages to avoid the trap of merely sounding ‘brutal’. It has real feel to it and is followed up with another impressive, expressive, riffy monster in ‘Terra Akeldama’.” – MetalIreland.com

“When the opening riffs of Slaves To A Flame Undying unleash themselves from your speakers, you are suddenly in a new world,” – The Scene Magazine

“This music has everything that OSDM is supposed to be: catchy, evil, and the exact opposite of the over-polished sound of the modern death metal masses. Add into that some Seagrave-esque artwork, and you have a product that could have been a highly influential record from 1992. Do not pass this one by.” – FullMetalAttorney

“Vancouver metal band Auroch takes inspiration from weird fiction author H.P. Lovecraft.” – Uptown Mag

“I like finding new metal bands to entertain me. Canadian Auroch did that enough for me to want to interview them.” – Battlehelm.com

“Fans who are into Morbid Angel, Death, and numerous others along this line, would highly enjoy Auroch’s performance tonight… a powerful amount of energy, causing fans to constantly mosh and head bang with metal pumping through their veins.” – Rockstar Weekly Magazine

“Auroch combines black ballads, growling guitar riffs and progressive arpeggios as they draw inspiration from bands like Death and Morbid Angel.” – Resonancity.com 

“Auroch hit the stage and their unique brand of thrash and self-described Lovecraftian metal was met with a strong crowd response. ” – Abort Mag (Live Review opening for Obscura, Abysmal Dawn)

“Solos fly like bats out of hell, with intricate leads and intense rhythm, and Lovecraftian lyrics. Really fucking good!” – Funeralrain.net



From Forgotten Worlds

1. From Forgotten Worlds (4:35)
2. Fleshless Ascension (Paths of Dawn) (4:45)
3. Slaves To A Flame Undying (5:14)
4. Dregs Of Sanity (3:25)
5. Talisman For Total Temporal Collapse (4:37)
6. Terra Akeldama (4:02)
7. Bloodborne Conspiracy (5:22)
8. Tundra Moon (3:15)

Album Credits:
All songs written & performed by: Sebastian Montesi, Zack Chandler and Paul Ouzounov
Produced by: Auroch
Mixed by: Brendan Beilman
Mastered by: Ryan Williams
Release Date: TBD
Label: Independent
Distribution: Bandcamp, iTunes, CD Baby
Catalogue #: TBD
UPC Code #: TBD
Band Line Up on Album
Sebastian Montesi- Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Zack Chandler- Drums
Paul Ouzounov- Vocals, Guitar

L-R – Ouzounov - Guitars/Vocals Sebastian Montesi – Guitars/Vocals Zack Chandler- Drums 

Spawned from Vancouver’s underground back in 2008, Lovecraftian death metal trio Auroch is on a mission to give Canadian extreme metal traditions the respect they deserve, bringing them to the countless maniacs always anticipating the next epic death metal assault.

Following a number of smaller releases, Auroch will finally be unleashing its first full-length album ‘From Forgotten Worlds’ on October 26, 2012 via Hellthrasher Productions.

“The album is the inevitable and natural point of evolution from the past releases,” says guitarist/vocalist Sebastian Montesi. “These songs came together over the past year and represent the fiercest, fastest, most harrowing and barbaric of our written and certainly recorded material.”

Showcasing the band’s metamorphoses from thrash metal band into a full-fledged death metal assault, the debut full-length album is “raw, relentless and tapping into a musical current of the wrath of Lovecraft’s Ancient Ones. Any and all who question or condemn modern conventions should sympathize with the ideologies and mythos provided. Fans of barbaric blasting and technical shredding should associate with the musicality” says Montesi.

Auroch is awakening and shall pave the path for the coming of the most Ancient One!

Shared Stage with:
Bonded by Blood
Holy Grail
The Agonist
Woods of Ypres
3 Inches of Blood

-Domination Festival (in Montreal 2010)
-Vancouver Metalfest (in Vancouver 2010)
-Chuck Schuldiner/Death Tribute Fest (in Vancouver 2010) (Headliner)
-Armstrong Open Air 2011 (in Armstrong 2011)
-Skull Fucking Metalfest III (in Toronto 2011)


2010 – Stranger Aeons (DEMO)

Demo Credits
· Label: Self Released
· Available on: iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon
· All songs performed by: Auroch
· All songs written by: Auroch
· Mixed by: Dave Kauffman
· Mastered by: Brock Mcfarlane
· Produced by: Auroch

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