Happy Holidays! Asher Media Metal Annihilation Roster Sampler

Posted: December 22, 2011 in Asher Media Relations


Happy Holidays! Asher Media Metal Annihilation Roster Sampler

     Another year down! and another one to follow! We at Asher Media Relations (myself Asher and Barbara) are proud to reflect on 2011 and the roster we represented with a very special sampler to share with all our media friends, but before I give ya that link (which is at the bottom of this email). I like to just reflect on what a great year 2011 was.

We saw that 2011 was the year of presenting some very unique metal and rock from us to you. It ranged from showcasing everything from concept albums from Titans Eve, Scythia and All Else Fails, to presenting bands with odd instruments such as Fallstaf’s hitman who plays the trombone in their brand of brass metal along with Scythia inspiring us with their Oboe of Death in their sophomore story album “…Of Exile”. We also saw Saskatoon’s freak show metallers The New Jacobin Club obliterate their concert goers with crazy stage antics.  Just google their live performances and you’ll see what we mean).

AMR also had the pleasure of presenting a great amount of tours over 2011 with the touring whores of Versus the Nothing (these guys never stop and we’re happy for that! A million thank yous to Leanne at SIN Agency) to Titans Eve’s two month tour of North America to support “The Divine Equal”, to Scythia’s Summer Siege Tour for “…Of Exile” to party thrashers Fatality’s Eastern Intoxication & Western Annihilation Tours along with their free sampler “Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep” to Ninjaspy’s No Kata Tour and their new single “Skaingkh” and Kill Matilda’s Zombie Apocalypse Tour to support “I Want Revenge” plus mini tours from Auroch & Without Mercy.

This year also saw a great year of music videos from Bolero for their track “Pints Held High”, Fallstaf for “The Cost” and All Else Fails for “Rebirth”.

Bolero – Music Video – Pints Held High

All Else Fails – Music Video – Rebirth

Fallstaf – Music Video – The Cost

We also like to add the great success that Titans Eve and Scythia had on Canadian College Loud Charts and it couldn’t have been done without the much appreciated support of the music directors and dj’s. Titans Eve devoured the #2 position back in March and Scythia conquering #1 in October and being a staple on the charts for the last 4 months.

Highlight – Titans Eve – #2 on Top 20 Loud for Month of March 2011 – Canadian Campus Loud Charts  – (Earshot)

More Titans Eve Charts here.

Highlight – Scythia – #1 on Top 20 Loud for Month of October 2011 – Canadian Campus Loud Charts – (Earshot)

More Scythia Charts here.

Here’s a rundown of what was released in promos

Titans Eve – The Divine Equal

Fatality – Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep – Demo

Scythia – …Of Exile

Scythia – …Of Santa (single)

Kill Matilda – I Want Revenge

Ninjaspy – The Skaingkh (single)

All Else Fails – The Oracle, What Was, Is And Could Have Been

Fallstaf – Bastard Sons of A Pure Breed

Versus The Nothing – Black Gloves – EP

Auroch – Astral King (single)

Happy Metal Annihilation! m/m/

1. All Else Fails – This World In Flames – 04:04
2. Auroch – Astral King – 05:03
3. Bolero – Pints Held High – 04:21
4. Fallstaf – The Cost – 03:21
5. Fatality – Thrash Fuck Eat Sleep – 05:25
6. Kill Matilda – Geisha With A Switchblade – 04:21
7. Nephelium – Merciless Annihilation – 06:17
8. Ninjaspy – Evolution of Skid – 02:58
9. Scythia – For The King – 05:08
10. The New Jacobin Club – This Treason – 05:01
11. Titans Eve – Judgement – 04:47
12. Versus The Nothing – Killer – 03:00
13. Without Mercy – Chasm – 04:31

Cheers & Happy Holidays from the Asher Media Crew!

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